FIX: “This application cannot be opened” Snipping Tool error on Windows 11 (Solved) –

This guide contains instructions on how to fix the Windows 11 Snipping Tool error “This application cannot be opened”. On many computers upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11, the built-in Snipping Tool for taking screenshots has stopped working. More specifically, most users report when they open the Snipping Tool and press the button new after pressing the button to capture the screen, they get the error:

“This app won’t open. A problem in Windows is preventing the Snipping Tool from opening. Updating your computer may help fix it.”

FIX: Snipping Tool error "This app won't open" In Windows 11

Despite the limited hardware supported for installing Windows 11, users who have managed to upgrade their devices are reporting the Snipping Tool issue using the Windows forums and every available channel to voice their displeasure.

Microsoft’s official statement about the issue with the snipping tool in Windows 11 reads:

“Starting on November 1, 2021, some users may not be able to open or use installed Windows applications or parts of certain installed applications. This was caused by a problem with a Microsoft digital certificate that expired on October 31, 2021. This can be affected by:

  • Cutting tool
  • Accounts page and landing page Settings app (S mode only)
  • Start menu (only in S mode)
  • Click on Keyboard, Voice Typing and Emoji panel
  • Input Method Editor User Interface (IME UI)
  • Getting started and tips

How to fix: Snipping Tool and Windows 11 “This app can’t open” error.

Method 1. Check and install all available updates.

1. click on Start menu and open Settings.


2. Choose Windows update on the left, click and Check for updates button on the right. To check for available updates for your computer (this may take a few minutes).

Check for updates - Windows 11

3. Once the update is downloaded, you will be prompted Restart to your computer to install the update.


4. After restarting the computer, use the Snipping Tool as usual. The app should now be running on your computer.

Method 2. Install the standalone update KB5008295.

The second way to solve the Snipping Tool “This app won’t open” error is to install the standalone update KB5008295. And so…

1. Download and installation Update KB5008295 from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

FIX Windows 11 - Snipping Tool won't open

2. Restart open the system and use Snipping Tool without error.

That’s it! Which method worked for you?
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