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If you’re experiencing slow download speeds when downloading Steam games, continue reading below. The introduction of gaming services has transformed the user experience over the past decade. There are various game services available for PC users, and some game services are cross-platform – they work on both PC and Mac.

Steam is one of the most popular gaming services today, with over 120 million monthly users and several thousand games available for purchase and free. Downloading games like TomClancy’s Rainbow Six, CyberPunk 2077, and Halo Infinite is the biggest pain Steam users experience because these games have large files that require fast internet speeds.

Since many users have reported that the download speed on Steam is slower compared to their internet speed, I decided to write this guide to help solve the problem.

Internet speed and download speed.

Before you solve the problem of slow Steam download speed, you should know that comparing Internet speed with download speed is not an accurate way to measure game download speed. This is because an Internet Service Provider (ISP) calculates Internet speed in bits per second (Mbps), while download speed is measured in bytes per second (MBps), where 1 byte equals 8 bits.

This means that if the Internet download speed is 200 Mbps (megabits per second), the download speed should be about 25 MBps (megabytes per second). So, to find the download speed, just divide the Internet speed by 8. In this way, we can determine whether Steam is downloading at the required speed.

After the above explanations, if you find that the download speed of games from Steam is slower than usual, the following solutions will solve the problem and improve the download speed.

How to fix: Slow downloads on STEAM.

Method 1. Clear the Steam download cache and disable Download Throttle.

The first thing to do to fix slow download speed on Microsoft Steam is to clear the download cache. Clearing the cache removes excess data that affects download speed.

1. Launch Steam.
click on Steam tab in the upper left corner and select from the drop-down menu Settings.

Steam settings

3. press Downloads go through the list of options and apply the following settings:

    1. Remove the mark option Suppress downloads while streaming.
    2. press Clear the download cache and then press OK.

FIX Steam slow loading speed

4. The app will restart, log in and check if the download speed has improved. If the problem persists, try the next solution.

Method 2. Select a different boot region.

Another way to increase the download speed in Steam is to change the download region (server location). We recommend that you choose an area that is located at night so that there are fewer users of this area. This can significantly increase the download speed of Steam.

1. From whom Steam menu selection Settings.

2. Yes Downloadsclick the drop down menu below Region download and select a location with the time zone that is now night time. Then choose OK.

Change the Steam download region

3. A dialog box will appear asking you to restart for the changes you made to take effect. press Restart Steam to apply the change.
4. Try downloading your games and see if it downloads faster. This solution has significantly increased the download speed of many users.

Method 3. Perform a network reset.

In some cases, Windows updates can affect network drivers and cause some conflicts. It can also slow down your browsing and download speeds. A network reset can fix any underlying issues and speed up Steam downloads.

To reset the network to default settings: *

* Information: A network reset will remove all network adapters you have installed and their settings. After your computer restarts, any network adapters will be reset and their settings will be set to default.

1. Open Windows Settings and select Network and Internet.

2. On the right, select Advanced network settings. *

*Note: In Windows 10, select Network recovery Link under Advanced network settings.

Network recovery

3. Choose Reset the network.


4. press Reset now and select Yes in the dialog box to confirm that you want to reset the network.


5. Windows will inform you that it will restart your device in 5 minutes. Save your work and wait for the computer to restart.
6. After restarting, wait for Windows to reset your network and see if your Steam download speed has improved.

Method 4. Turn off the firewall.

Antivirus security on your computer can also slow down download speeds on Steam. So, if you’re using a third-party security software that has a firewall feature, try disabling the firewall and see if that improves your download speed on Steam.

If you are using standard Windows security, you can follow these steps to disable the firewall. (This can sometimes triple the download speed of Steam).

1. Type Windows firewall in the search bar and then It’s open the Windows Defender Firewall from the results.


2. On the left, select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.


3. Check Disable Windows Defender Firewall and select OK. (Do this for private and public networks).

Turn off the firewall

4. Now open Steam and check if Steam Download is improved.*

*Note: As this solution is a bit redundant and leaves your computer vulnerable to attacks, please re-enable Windows Firewall after the download is complete.

Method 5. Uninstall and reinstall Steam.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Steam is another great way to fix slow loading Steam games. So, before uninstalling the Steam client, make a backup copy of your Steam games and restore them after reinstalling the program on your computer.

To uninstall Steam:

1. press Windows key + R To run Run.
2. Type appwiz.cpl in the dialog box and click OK.


3. Find it Steamright click and select Delete. A dialog box will appear to confirm that you want to uninstall Steam, select it Delete.

Delete Steam

4. Once done, reinstall Steam and sign in to your account. Then proceed to test the download speed.

That’s it! Which method worked for you?
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