FIX: SharePoint is running out of space. This site is almost out of storage. –

If you receive the following error in SharePoint, “Out of space. The site is almost out of space. To free up space, delete unnecessary files and empty the Recycle Bin”, continue reading below to learn how to do so. Increase storage space in SharePoint.

As you know, the storage space available in Microsoft 365 SharePoint is 1TB and 10GB per license purchased, and if you want more storage space, you can purchase additional file storage on the Purchase Services page (Select). Supplements -> Office 365 additional file storage).

Typically, 1 TB of storage space in SharePoint Online is sufficient for a small company to share documents and other files among its employees. However, if documents are changed frequently, this space may soon become insufficient. This is because SharePoint, by default, creates a new version of each document that changes, and then stores the old version of the document in history for security and backup reasons. This feature is called “File version” and available in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Although, File version is a very useful feature, because if necessary, it allows you to return to the previous version of the document (for example, after and accidental deletion or modification by a virus) or to track the changes made to the document, on the other hand, it is SharePoint drastically reduce space due to different versions stored for each file in .

Therefore, if you’re running out of space in SharePoint Online and don’t want to buy additional storage space, you can free up disk space in SharePoint by deleting old versions of files and changing your file versioning settings. Follow the steps below to download. to keep minimal versions of files.

How to free up space in SharePoint Online.

Step 1. Empty the Recycle Bin in SharePoint to free up storage space.

The first step to increasing the available storage space in SharePoint Online is to remove all deleted items from the Recycle Bin. For this:

1. press Recycle link on the left and then click Empty trash can.

FIX: SharePoint is running out of space.  This site is almost out of storage

Step 2. Reduce the number of file versions in SharePoint Online.

By default, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business can store up to 500 versions of each document, which in my opinion is excessive. To reduce the number of versions stored for each file in SharePoint Online:

1. go to Documents library and from Settings press the menu button Library settings.

Change file version settings in SharePoint

2. press Version settings.

SharePoint version settings

3. Change the version settings Keep the base version number below value from 500 100 and press OK. This will remove all but 100 versions. *

Change SharePoint file version settings

* Additional support: If you want to completely disable file versioning in SharePoint Online, download the latest version of the SharePoint Online Management Shell tool, connect to the SharePoint Online admin center with your administrator credentials, and issue the following PowerShell command:

Step 3. Delete previous versions of files in SharePoint Online.

A third way to free up storage space in SharePoint is to delete older versions of files. The only downside to this procedure is that you have to delete previous versions for each file separately, and (until the article was written) there is no way to delete previous versions of all files at once without using a third one. -Party tool like DMS-Shuttle for SharePoint.

To view and delete all saved versions of a SharePoint document:

1. Choose Site content on the left and press Site settings.

SharePoint site settings

2. Click on site settings Storage indicators under Site collection administration.

SharePoint storage metrics

3. Click Now Version history option next to any file to see all saved versions.

SharePoint version history

4. Finally click Delete all versions to remove all previous versions (except the current one) or delete the desired versions one by one Delete An option in the down arrow options of each saved version.

Delete old versions of SharePoint files

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