Fix: Scheduled task won’t start when no user is logged in or run in background in Windows 10. (Solved) –

A few days ago, on a Windows 10-based computer, I tried to create a scheduled task that would run a program on startup for each user who logged on to the computer. However, the scheduled task will not run for other users and will only start after the user who created the task enters their password to log on to the computer.

Usually, if you want to run a scheduled task for every user connected to the Windows computer, you should check the “Any user logon” and “Run” to run the task in the “Triggers” tab. logged in or not” or check the “Run only when user is logged in” checkbox in the General tab. However, this configuration does not work as expected with the following behavior (symptoms).

  • If “Run only when user is logged in” is selected, the task will run only for the user who created the task and not for other users.
  • If “Run whether user is logged in” is selected, the task is running, but hidden (in the background). *

*Note: If you want the scheduled task to run in the background, this behavior may be normal, but if you want to open the program when it starts (for example, Chrome), the program will run, but it will not be visible.

FIX: Scheduled task not running for other users

This guide contains instructions on how to create a scheduled task that runs for every user connected to a Windows 10 computer.

How to fix: Scheduled task not running for any user or running in the background (Windows 10).

To force a scheduled task to run with any user account, change the task’s properties as follows:

1. In the “General” tab:

a. press Change user or group.


b. Type Administrators and press OK.


c. Check the Manage with the highest privileges box.


2. On the Triggers tab, make sure Trigger is set to start the task When logging in and press OK.


3. In the “Terms” tab, sure the Start the task only when the computer is connected to AC power checkbox.


4. Apply the following settings in the “Settings” tab and click OK:

a. Check the Allow the task to run on demand checkbox

b. Check the Complete the task as soon as possible after the scheduled start is missed checkbox and…

c. Finally select Stop the existing instance if the task is already running.


5. Restart go to the computer and check that the selected program is running when any user on the computer logs on.

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