FIX Oracle VM VirtualBox’s copy-paste functionality (to Clipboard) on Windows (Solved) –

I have been using Oracle’s VM Virtual Box for several years to test operating systems or applications in a virtual environment. And of course, I often use copy-paste functions between the Host and Guest machine. So I always install Guest Add-ons on Guest OS to take full advantage. But I am recently I noticed that the copy-paste function does not work in both directions (Guest to Guest, Guest to Host or Bidirectional). After some research, I finally found a solution that works for me. If you are unable to use the Copy and Paste feature in Oracle VM Visual Box, please follow the instructions below to resolve your issue.

How to troubleshoot Copy/Paste (buffer) issues in Oracle VM Virtual Box.

Before proceeding with the solution below, make sure that:

1. You have installed Guest Additions to the Windows guest operating system. Otherwise, from VisrtualBox’s main menu, go to:Devices and “click”Install the Guest Add-ons CD image“. Then open Windows Explorer and explore “CD Drive X:\Virtualbox Guest Additions CD” and double click to run “VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe”. (Follow the instructions to install guest add-ons). *

*Note: In some cases, the problem is solved after a reset Guest Additions.

How to fix COPY PASTE NOT WORKING in VirtualBox

2. You “Shared clipboard” > “Double sided“from” optionDevices” menu.


How to Fix Copy and Paste Not Working in VirtualBox Windows Guest

1. Click on the Virtual Box Guest machine Host + Del Buttons to open the task manager, OR Go to Windows Guest”Car” menu and select Type “Ctrl+Alt+Del“.

*Note:Host key” by default right CTRL press the key on your keyboard.


2. In Procedures select the tab, “VBoxTray.exe” and click Complete the process.*

*Note: If “VBoxTray.exe” is not working (not listed) go to next step.


3. Click Now Applications tab and select New task (or from File select the menu perform a new task).

new task

4. click on Review and navigate to the following folder on your disk:

  • C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox Guest Add-ons\

fix VirtualBox Copy-Paste not working

5. Select “VBoxTray” app and click It’s open.

fix copy-paste to virtual box not working

6. Close the Task Manager and try the Copy and Paste functions. The two-way clipboard feature should work now!

To make this change permanent:

1. Go to “C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox Guest Add-ons” folder and “Create a shortcut” of “VBoxTray.exe” application.


1a. answer “Yes” to place the generated shortcut on your desktop.


2. In the File Explorer address bar, copy-paste The following address to go to the startup folder (for all users). *

  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

*Note: If you only want to make changes for the current user, go to this path:

  • C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ProgramsStart up

3. Right now drag and “VBoxTray” shortcut to an open window from your desktop.

FIX Oracle VM VirtualBox Copy and Paste functions (Clipboard) on Windows

4. Click on “Keep going” to the warning message.


5. Restart your computer and you’re done!

That’s it!
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