FIX: Failed to install KB5012170 (0X800f0922) [Solved] –

If Windows 10/11 fails to install KB5012170 update with error 0X800f0922, continue reading below to resolve the issue.

According to Microsoft, security update KB5012170 improves Secure Boot DBX on Windows 10/11 and Windows Server 2012/2022, but may not install. on some devices with older UEFI firmware versions and gives the “-0X800f0922 failed to install” error.

FIX 0X800f0922 – Failed to install KB5012170

How to fix Windows update error 0X800f0922 when trying to install update KB5012170 on Windows 10/11.

Method 1. Update UEFI BIOS to the latest version.

Go to your device manufacturer’s support website and check for a newer version of the UEFI BIOS. If so, download and install it and see if the issue is resolved.

Method 2. Disable Secure Boot in the BIOS settings.

Some users reported that error 0X800f0922 in Windows Update was resolved after disabling the “Secure Boot” feature in the BIOS settings. For this:

1. Power off your personal computer.
2. Enabled restart your computer and when you see the manufacturer’s logo, press the appropriate key to enter the BIOS settings (for example, F2, F10, F8, F12 or Del). *

*Note: The BIOS access key varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

3. In the BIOS, go to Security optionsfind Safe download setup and Delete this.*

1. If Safe download already disabled after turn on that and then Clear all security keys (or reset the Secure Boot keys to factory defaults). Save and exit and try to install the update.
On some manufacturers, it can be found under the “Secure Boot” option Upload label or System configuration Tab.

FIX KB5012170 0X800f0922 failed to install

4. Save and exit From the BIOS settings.

5. Boot into Windows and try to reinstall the KB5012170 update. If the installation is successful, continue and try againturn on the Safe download in BIOS and continue your work. If not, go to the next method below.

Method 3. Force Windows to redownload Windows Update.

The second way to fix error 0X800f0922 in update KB5012170 is to force Windows to redownload all available updates from scratch. For this:

1. press at the same time Windows image + R buttons to open the run command window.
2. Enter the following in the Run command window: services.msc and press Enter.


3. Right click Windows update service and select Stop.

stop windows update service

4. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to it C:\Windows folder.
5. and select Delete Software distribution” vol.*
(click Keep going in the “Folder Access Denied” window).

*Note: The next time Windows Update starts, the new blank Software distribution folder is automatically created by Windows to store updates.

software distribution

6. Restart your computer.
7. go to Start > Settings > Update and security and check for and install Windows updates.

Method 4. Fix error 0X800f0922 by manually installing KB5012170.

1. Download the KB5012170 update from the Microsoft Update catalog according to your version of Windows.
2. When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to install the update.

Method 5. Fix Windows corruption errors using DISM and SFC tools.

1. Open command prompt as administrator. For this:

1. Enter the following in the search field: cmd or command line
2. right click on it command line (result) and select Run as administrator.

command line administrator

2. In the command prompt window, type the following command and click Enter:

  • Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth

dism health recovery windows 10 8 7

3. Please be patient while DISM fixes the component store. After the operation is complete, (you should be notified that the corruption in the component store has been fixed), give this command and press the button. Enter:

sfc scan now windows 10-8

4. Once the SFC scan is complete, restart your computer.
5. Try updating your system again.

Method 6. Install the KB5012170 update using the Windows Update Assistant.

1. Follow the instructions in Method 3 above to delete the “SoftwareDistribution” folder and unnecessary files.

2. Go to the Windows 10 download site and click on it Update now button.

Windows 10 1903 failed - fix

3. When prompted, click Running select the “Windows10Upgrade9252.exe” file to start the installation immediately, or click Save to run the installer later.


4. Finally click on Update now button and follow the on-screen instructions to update your system to the latest version of Windows 10 version 1903.

fix Windows 10 version 1903 update failed

That’s it! Which method worked for you?
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