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This guide contains instructions on how to fix the “Access Denied” error when trying to access the disk/disk contents. In Windows, the error “Unable to access the disk. Access is denied” usually appears after connecting the disk to a MAC computer, or if the drive was previously connected to a computer with a different or older version of Windows. In other cases, the “Access Denied” error appears if the disk’s file system is corrupted or if the disk is blocked by BitLocker protection. *

*Note: If the drive is locked with BitLocker, to unlock it with a protection password, right-click and select “Unlock Drive”.

How to fix: Unable to use disk, access denied on Drive X: (Windows 10/8/7 OS)

Method 1. Fix Disk Access Denied Error by Fixing Disk Errors.

Sometimes the “Access Denied” error on the disk can be related to driver errors. So, first of all, proceed to check and repair the driver:

1. Note the drive letter of the drive with the “Access Denied” error in Windows Explorer.

2. It’s open Command line as administrator. For this:

    1. Enter the following in the search field: cmd or command line.
    2. right click on it command line (result) and select Run as administrator.

command line administrator

3. Type the following command in the command line and click Enter: *

*Note: Replace the letter “X in the above command, with the drive letter of the inaccessible disk.

For example, if you want to check and repair the driver D:, you need to enter this command:

4. Wait for the CHKDSK operation to complete. When this is done, restart go to your computer and try to access the inaccessible drive. If you still get the “access denied” error, continue method-2 below.

Method 2. Fix access denied on drive X by changing disk permissions.

The second reason why you cannot access the hard drive is the lack of permissions.

Step 1. Change the drive/drive owner.

1. Right click select and select on the disk with the error “Access Denied”. Characteristics.
2. Yes Security tab:

a. If you see the following screen “message”You must be an administrative user with permission to view the security properties of this object to continue“, press the button Keep going button.

Change Drive permissions

b. If you don’t see the message above, click Complicated and read the instructions Step-1A below.


3. In the next window, change the Owner to”Administrators” group as shown below:

a. Choose the Administrators group.

b. CheckChange owner on subcontainers and object“check box.

c. press Please apply & OK.


4. Click when prompted by the Windows Security Information window OK.


5. After the operation, near open the driver’s “Properties” window and continue step-2.

Step 1A. Change the owner of the disk (alternative method). *

Note: This is the usual way to change the owner of the disk after opening the drive Characteristics and click Complicated

1. select Owner tab and click Editing. *

*Note: Click on Windows 10 Change In the first window that opens, the owner (after clicking the “Advanced” button.

Change the drive owner

2. press Other users or groups.


3. Type in the object name Administrators and press OK


4. InspectionChange owner on subcontainers and object” check box and then click Please apply & OK.


5. press OK in the security warning window to change permissions.
6. After the permissions are applied, near open all windows and continue step-2 below.

Step 2. Assign full control permissions to the “Administrators” group.

1. Right click select on the “access denied” drive Characteristics.
2. Now click on the “Security” tab Complicated.


3. In the “Advanced security settings for local disk” window, click on the “Permissions” tab. Keep going again.


4. On the next screen:

a. Make sure it has “Administrators”. Full control permissions. *

b. ChooseReplace all parent object permissions with the permissions inherited from the object” check box and click OK.

*Note: If the permission of the Administrators group is not “Full Control”, click the button Editing button, check the Full control check box and click OK.


5. Select in the next window Yes “Replacing specified permissions for all descendants of this object with permissions inherited from Local Disk…”


6. Wait until the permissions are set.


12. When the operation is finished, close all open windows and check if you can access the contents of the disk. If you still get the “Access Denied” error, go to step 3 below.

Step 3. Assign Full Control permissions to the Everyone group.

1. Right click on an inaccessible drive and select Characteristics.
Yes Security click the tab Complicated button.


3. press Change permissions.


4. click on Add button.


5. Type in the object name field Everyone and press OK.


6. check the Full control check box and click OK.


7. Now select “Replace all parent object permissions with the permissions inherited from the object” and click OK.


8. Wait until the permissions are set.
9. When the operation is finished, close all windows.
10. Usually, now you should be able to access the contents of the disk without any problems.

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