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A few days ago, one of my customers reported that recipients were seeing garbled characters in their Outlook Calendar invitations (Meetings or Appointments). In fact, illegible characters in Outlook calendar events only appear in Greek text, not English text. After searching for a solution to the problem, I found two different methods mentioned below to fix it.

FIX broken characters in Outlook calendar appointments and events

In this article, you will find instructions on how to solve the following problem in Outlook: After you create and send an appointment or appointment in Greek in the Outlook calendar, the Greek text is decoded incorrectly in the body (the recipient sees strange characters ‘radi), while Greek text is correctly recognized in the Subject and location fields.

How to fix: Outlook calendar unreadable characters in events you create.

Method 1. Create calendar events in PLAIN TEXT format.

A workaround for unreadable Greek characters in calendar events created with Microsoft Outlook is to create a new event (appointment or appointment) in plain text format. For this:

In any new event you create, change the Format text for Plain text before writing the event details.

Change the calendar events test format

Method 2. Remove broken characters in Outlook events without iCalendar formatting.

A permanent solution to avoid garbled characters in Outlook Calendar events you create is to send meeting requests without using the iCalendar format. For this:

1. From whom File menu, press Options and then select Calendar on the left.

2. In Calendar Options, remove the mark option Use the iCalendar format when sending meeting requests outside of your organization and press OK.

Disable the iCalendar format in Outlook

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