FIX: Computer is slow after Windows 11 22H2 update. –

If your computer becomes very slow after installing Windows 11 22H2, continue reading below.

Several users reported that they experienced performance issues after upgrading their Windows 11 systems to version 22H2. More specifically, after installing version 22H2 of Windows 11, the computer runs very slowly, and it is noticed that copying large files is slower than usual. *

*Note: Microsoft is well aware of the problem of copying large files very slowly and is currently working on a permanent fix for this problem.

How to fix: Slow performance after Windows 11 22H2 update.

Method 1. FIX Windows 11 v22H2 slow performance on PCs with NVIDIA GPUs.

Slow performance after installing the 22H2 update usually occurs on PCs with NVIDIA Graphics drivers. If you are:

1. Go ahead and install GeForce Experience Beta 3.26

2. After installation, restart your computer and usually the problem will be solved.

*Note: If not, do the following:

    1. Also install the latest NVIDIA drivers (select Special installation and install NVIDIA drivers only).
    2. Delete FRAMEVIEW APP if installed or turn off Nvidia FrameView SDK service.

Method 2. Go back to the previous version of Windows 11.

The second way to fix slow performance and slow copy problems after upgrading to Windows 11 v22H2 is to rollback to a previous version of Windows until Microsoft fixes the bugs in a feature update. For this:

1. click on Start button and open it Settings.

2. Choose System click left and right Recovery

FIX PC is slow after Windows 11 22H2 update

3. In recovery options, click Go back to an earlier version of Windows.

Fix Windows 11 performance after 22 hours of update

3. Select the reason for the rollback and click The next one.

Rollback to Previous Build Windows 10

4. Choose in the next shout No thanks continue.

restore previous Windows 10

5. On the next screen, read all the information, if you want to avoid surprises, back up your files and click The next one.

Uninstall the latest version of Windows 10

6. If you have changed your password, after the last build, make sure you remember your old password and click The next one.

Uninstall the latest version of Windows 10

7. Finally click Go back to the previous structure and wait for the process to complete.

A previous build of Windows 10

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