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If you want to share a folder or file in SharePoint and “Anyone with a link” is turned off (disabled), continue reading below to solve the problem. In SharePoint Online, you can share a folder (or a single file) by sending an email invitation with a link to the shared folder to other users in your organization or to external users using the Share menu option. /file.

By default, people in your organization have access to your SharePoint shared files, but for people outside your organization, you need to enable external sharing on your SharePoint site because it’s turned off by default.

SALTING: "Anyone with a link" The Share option is grayed out in SharePoint

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to enable the “Anyone with link” sharing option (external sharing) in SharePoint for users outside your organization.

How to fix: SharePoint sharing option “Anyone with link” is grayed out.

To enable the “Anyone with link” option in SharePoint, follow these steps:

Step 1. Enable external sharing at the organization level.

To allow external sharing on any site in SharePoint, you must first grant permission at the organization level. For this:

1. Introduction Go to the Office 365 admin center and click SharePoint.


2. In SharePoint admin center press Sharing on the left, and then …

a. Drag the bar under SharePoint to the top (Everyone). *
b. Select “Anyone with link”.
c. Choose a permission level for shared files. (View or edit)
d. Scroll down and click Save.

* Information: The Anyone option allows users to share files and folders using links that allow anyone with the link to access the files or folders without authentication. This setting also allows users to share authenticating sites with new and existing guests.

Enable SharePoint sharing

Step 2. Enable external sharing for the SharePoint site.

The next step is to enable external sharing on the site that contains the file or folder you want to share with anyone who has a link. For this:

1. In SharePoint admin center, press Sites after that Active sites.
Select the site where you want to share files and click on it Sharing.

Enable external sharing of the SharePoint site

3. From whom External exchange options, select Everyone and press Save.

Share SharePoint with everyone

4. That’s it. Now open the SharePoint site, go to the Document Library, select the file or folder you want to share, and you’ll see that the “Anyone with a link” option is enabled. *

* Information: By selecting “Anyone with a link”, users with a link (inside or outside your organization) can access files and folders without logging in or providing a code. These users can only view or edit the file or folder you share using the “Anyone with link” option (if you “Allow editing” in the link settings).

Enable anyone with a SharePoint Online link

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