Filtered video of the Find N2 Flip: Oppo’s second flip

The first leak of the rumored second folding of Oppothe Find N2 Flip, came out on Weibo, the Chinese social network par excellence.

The video (viaTech Go), shows a clamshell encased in a thick protective case, possibly to hide the Oppo branding ahead of the phone’s official reveal. However, the user interface has all the features of Color OS, and the device itself is still unlike anything on the market.

The screen has a centrally punched camera, and the back appears to have two sensors. The phone has a sizable secondary screen that runs vertically instead of the horizontal screens on current Samsung and Motorola shells. The leaked video isn’t very clear, so it’s hard to tell if the screen has a visible crease or not.

Oppo has yet to officially tease the phone, but the Find N2 Flip is expected to appear at the company’s annual Inno Day tech conference.

The Oppo Find N2 Flip is rumored to likely feature the Dimensity 9000 chip, Mediatek’s answer to Qualcomm’s 800-series SoCs.

The phone’s screen could measure 6.8 inches when unfolded, with an external screen of 3.26 inches. Both are expected to be OLED panels.

Leakers say the Find N2 Flip’s rear camera setup will include a 50MP main shooter and an 8MP ultrawide sensor. The device can have a 4,300 mAh battery.

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