Discord Moderator Exam – Need to Know Everything

You must take the Discord Moderator exam to become a licensed moderator. Community moderators play a vital role in making online forums and other online hangouts welcoming and accepting for all attendees.

Being moderate takes commitment and a willingness to discover new ways to improve our communities. To learn more about taking the moderator exam, read on!

What is the process for taking the Discord moderator exam?

Discord wants to pay tribute to the community moderators who made the platform what it is today. Becoming a certified Discord moderator, however, is no easy task. Initially it will be necessary to assess your capabilities.

You must complete the Discord Moderator Academy courses before receiving the official title of “Moderator” on the Discord server. After that, send the exam results to Discord and wait for their response. The Discord moderator community will send you an invite if you pass the test well.

The best Discord moderators will help others in the community by passing on their wisdom and expertise. As an added bonus, you’ll have the ability to talk to engineers and the Trust & Safety team in real time on Discord.

You should take an active role in the Discord Moderator community for a minimum of three months before you can earn the moderator badge. Then you will be potentially qualified, but it is not certain that you will get it.

Study articles and courses on Discord Moderator Academy

To get started, study the content in the Discord Moderator Academy. You will need to study these articles for an upcoming test at the Discord Moderator Academy.

If you visit the webpage, you will immediately be presented with information about moderation on Discord. The explanation explains why moderators are needed and describes the structure of the Discord Moderator Academy. The course outline can be found further down the page.

Academy of the Moderator of Discord
Moderator's Academy

The Discord Moderator Academy has several resources for learning how to moderate and manage a community. The course starts with a foundation “Basics” phase. The fundamentals of community creation and moderation are covered in “Basics” segment.

The “Setup and Operation” topics should be read after finishing the “Basics” Lessons. Discord features will be discussed, along with how they can be used to facilitate moderation and organize staff. Using channels and events, you will also discover how to grow your audience.

“Advanced Community Management” is the argument of the third segment. Good community stewardship and common sense are among the lessons you will learn. The seminars on how to moderate effectively are covered in the last chapter of the Discord Moderator Academy. The theory and tactics of moderation are discussed at length in “Moderation seminars” part.

How to take the Discord moderator exam?

Upon completion of the Discord Moderator Academy course, you will be eligible to take the Discord Moderator Academy exam. Exam information can be found at the bottom of each article in the Discord Moderator Academy.

You’ll be tested on a variety of topics covered in the Discord Moderator Academy course materials, and the exam is structured as a series of questions. Therefore, you should review the materials provided by the Discord Moderator Academy before taking the test. Your ability to maintain order during group discussions will also be tested here. You should plan to spend no more than an hour on the test.

However, the test is timeless, so feel free to take your time. Use the “Next” option to proceed with the test. In the first part of the test you will be asked to introduce yourself. First, type the entire Discord handle, including the hashtag (for example, “Ben # 2541”). The next step for a user is to log in using their unique ID. Then, fill in the remaining fields and hit the “Next” button.

Discord Moderator

Once you have presented yourself with your contact details, a multiple choice section follows. Choose the option that most satisfies the request on the multiple choice part. Your answers should center around what you learned from the Discord Moderator Academy.

Academy of Discord Moderators

As a result, the Discord Moderator Academy is a great resource if you’re stuck. Your ability to moderate on Discord will be tested here. The 20 multiple choice questions are distributed evenly over two sections. Those who pass the test and get at least 10 accurate answers will be considered for the Discord Moderator Badge.

Once the test is complete, click on “Next” button at the end of the web page. You cannot change your choices after clicking “Next,” so think carefully before making any choice. For this reason, you should double check your answers and make any necessary changes before proceeding. A notice stating “Exam Completed!” will appear after the test has been completed successfully.

Examination moderator discord

If you’re eligible, Discord will send you an invitation to join Discord Moderation Discord. You can retest when the next batch of Discord moderator articles is released if you fail the first time.

Moderating Discord Discord is a network of moderators who help and advise each other. There will be times when you can provide input to the Discord team in the forum.

Being a participant on the Discord server for a minimum of three months is a prerequisite for obtaining the moderator badge. The chances of actually getting it will greatly increase later on. At the end of this process, you will have obtained your Discord Moderator badge.

The Discord Moderator Academy Exam!

What are the Discord Moderator Guidelines?

Server admins are the ones who often set the moderation rules, and those policies can differ slightly from server to server. When it comes to training new moderators, a channel of moderation guidelines is essential to familiarize them with both the objective and procedural components of moderation.

When moderating, it’s important for moderators to remember that they are setting an example for other users and do their best to live up to that level. This will help them in their work and make it easier for them to keep arguments from becoming problems by calming them down before they explode.

Admins will have moderators who know when to penalize people quickly and when regulations may need to be changed or explained to allow for additional flexibility if they encourage moderators to assess circumstances critically.

How to make money as a Discord moderator

Mods on Discord servers do this voluntarily; they are in no way compensated by the company. The only way for a server moderator to get money is if the server admin pays them. Admins can earn anywhere from $10 to $15 an hour for their moderation work, based on the popularity of the server and the amount of money contributed to it.

The experience of becoming a Discord moderator will help you develop soft skills including team management, communication, problem solving and leadership. It’s an unpaid job, but it could be useful experience for your future career.

Frequent questions

How do I become a certified Discord moderator?

Find out what it takes to moderate on Discord by joining the Discord Moderator Academy. After that, send the exam results to Discord and wait for their response. The Discord moderator community will send you an invite if you pass the test well.

Do Discord Certified Moderators Get Paid?

All these roles are performed voluntarily and without compensation. Only if administrators compensate for your work can you earn.

How much are Discord moderators paid?

In most cases, online chat room moderators like Discord don’t get paid, so the amount entered will be zero. However, server administrators can provide you with a fee of $ 10- $ 15 per hour.

Where can I take the Discord moderator exam?

The exam can be accessed at any time from any Discord Moderator Academy article, so you don’t need to go around for it.

Last words

To take the Discord Moderator exam, you must first familiarize yourself with the material provided by the Discord Moderator Academy.

If you pass and maintain your membership for at least three months, you will be promoted to the role of Discord Moderator. Get ready with the advice on this page!

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