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The Spigot Search Settings app is part of the Spigot Dashboard. An application that is installed as part of other programs (for example, YouTube Downloader) and the executable file “searchsettings.exe” runs in the background and periodically checks your default search provider (in the Internet browser program, for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and If you agree, it will restore it to Yahoo search. The app notifies you of changes made using a pop-up window, but does not give you the option to disable this feature.


I noticed that since installing Spigot Search Settings, it always runs in the system background.


Personally, I don’t like unnecessary applications running in the Windows background and always delete them.

If you try to remove Spigot Toolbar from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, you will find that there is no “Spigot Toolbar” in the list of programs.


Follow these steps to disable Spigot Search:

Step 1: Remove the spigot entries from the control panel

1. go to Start > Settings > Control Panel

Win XP New Start Menu Win XP Classic Start Menu:

Start > Control Panel Start > Settings > Control Panel

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2. Double click on “Add or remove programs


3. In the installed programs window, select “.YTD dashboardClick the “and” buttonTurn off


4. Confirm the deletionand allow the system to remove “YTD Toolbar”.

4a. Also delete “IOBit Toolbar“if any.

5. When the removal process is complete, restart your computer.

Step 2: Check if the Spigot search settings are running in the background.

As soon as Windows restarts, check for Spigot Search settings circumstances on your computer:

1. Firstly check it out Spigot search settingscontinues to run in the background. For this:

1a. Press at the same time “Ctrl + Alt + Del“and select”Task manager“.

1b. On the Processes tab, check for “SearchSettings.exe” in the list.


If “SearchSettings.exe” is not present, the removal of “Spigot Search Settings” has been completed successfully. If not, proceed to the next steps:

2. Select “SearchSettings.exe” and select “End Process”.


Step 3: Clean up unnecessary Spigot startup entries

1. Installation and commissioning CCleaner program.

2. Go to CCleaner options inside “Tools


3. selectStart up


4. Find and select “SeasrchSettings” and select Uninstall


Step 4: Remove the Spigot folder from Program Files.

1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following path: C:\Program Files\Common Files.

2. Inside this folder “Spigot” folder.


Step 5: Clean junk files and registry entries

Finally restart your computer and run CCleanerTo clean up temporary files and your computer’s registry again ” application.

Note*: If you don’t know how to use CCleaner, read these instructions.

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