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To add a new user account in Windows 8, you must be a user with computer administrative rights. When adding a new user to Windows, the system asks for a password for that user. But in many cases, users want to change their passwords according to their needs.

If you are a standard user and want to change your Windows 8 password, you can follow these easy steps to do so:

How to change user password in Windows 8:

Step 1: Open User Account Settings.

How to open User Accounts in Windows 8.

There are two ways to open user accounts in Windows 8.

Method 1: from Windows 8″Computer settings” option.

To open Windows 8 “Computer settings”:

1. Move the mouse to the bottom (or top) right corner OR press the buttonWindows key” + “C” to open Charms panel.


2. Click on “Settings” (Gear) icon.


3. Click on “Change your computer settings” option.


Method 2: From whom Windows 8 control panel.

To open the Windows 8 Control Panel:

1. Right click on the screen lower left corner and select from the pop-up menu “Control Panel”.

windows-8-control panel

2. Select for “view by“: “Small icon


3. Click to open “User accounts


4. Now click onMake changes to your user account“.

change account settings

Step 2: Change your account password

1. “atUsers” options, click “Change your password” option

Change Windows 8 password

2. Enter your current password and click “The next one” to continue creating a new one.

That’s it.

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