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The gaming industry, by far, is the most exciting field of technical development. You don’t have to be a tech geek to share the excitement and appreciate new technologies and creations in the video game realm. Game designers are now breaking the bridge between reality and fantasy, bringing every crazy idea to life. Discover what services you can get by partnering with leading game production studios like Walla Walla Studio to get one step closer to realizing your dream game. Learn more about the difference between game art and production and what features you must have to impress gamers and geeks worldwide!

Outlook of the gaming industry

We all remember when the game of Pac-Man started, when no one could even predict that it would be the most innovative sector of the entire tech industry, with a net worth of over $200 billion. The modern world is full of die-hard gamer fans, streaming their achievements on Twitch and creating an entire nation of community. However, there are still many casual mobile game appreciators, which creates a challenging market for new projects. The top-notch technology allows developers to create an out-of-this-world engaging experience, completely immersing users in the digital world. Every idea and vision can be executed on any platform, from mobile 2D or 3D games and complex action PC games to famous game consoles (Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox), virtual reality gaming, and up-and-coming cloud gaming systems.

Discover what amazing game art services you can get from a digital art studio

Now let’s focus on the backstage of the game design & development process. The game art focuses on visual design, effects, character development, and more. Even the well-thought-out game with innovative features and functionality has no chance on the market without high-quality graphics. Game artists offer a spectrum of services to create an immersive experience for the new digital worlds and teleport users to different times and places.

  • 3D modeling and animation services

The latest technology allows any idea to grow three-dimensionally. 3D modeling is what brings any vision and design to life. Artists create near-to-reality images and animation by working on its-bitsy details in the background, creating realistic movement and textures, and designing eye-catching characters. No matter the concept, talented game designers can create an extraordinary experience for the audience.

In the competitive market of the video game industry, you have to delight gamers with breathtaking graphics and exciting storylines to reach the leading positions. VFX can bring any game concept to the Hollywood level. Visual effects is a new art form that allows designers to play with flash, shadows, textures and elements to create a real life effect for games, motion pictures and movies.

A captivating trailer is a powerful tool in the marketing and promotion plan for the new game release. Using the latest game art technologies, designers create a movie-like trailer video to introduce the concept and the main characters, build tension, show the graphic qualities and attract the players from the first 30 seconds. In most cases, the cinematic trailer will decide the success of sales and create global hype among gamers. Cinematic trailer also used to create ads on any gaming platform. Investing in a high-quality trailer is the key to boosting your product to the top.

Designing maps and detailed environments in multi-levels is an essential part of any high-quality game. Environmental art connects the game concept, story and characters and creates a unique mood and aesthetic. When you think about the most successful video games, they have a signature look and surroundings aligned with the concept. Whether you imagine the action combat game on another planet or a detective story taking place 300 years ago, talented game artists can recreate old cities with impeccable detail or make a new world from scratch.

Two-dimensional mobile games are still in trend. However, it requires a unique design to create eye candy and attract the audience. Using the latest technology, designers can add visual effects, play with colors and textures, and bring quirky characters to life to provide you with world-class quality 2D games.

Become familiar with state-of-the-art video game production services.

Gaming spreads between different platforms that require new technology and approaches to the production of the full cycle. Learn more about the magic video game developers can do for your business:

  • Virtual reality game production

The pandemic has taken VR games to a new level. With booming interest in VR and growing demand, developing a new VR hit is a gold mine. The exciting feeling of being teleported to another dimension, fantasy realm or another time and the ability to feel the characters is what makes VR gaming. With the latest technology and the greatest passion, game developers can bring any crazy idea to the screens.

Professional developers know how to transform your concept idea into an addictive phone game. The cross-platform development approach allows the audience to expand, launching the game on Android and IOS. With breathtaking 3D animation or striking 2D design, you can ensure that your game will be on every second phone.

  • Full cycle game development

By cooperating with a professional game production studio, you get a complex customized approach to bring your innovative idea to the masses. Whether for a festively entertaining project, educational or business-promoting game, the game development team will help you achieve your goals step-by-step, from constructing the concept and creating the storylines to building game levels, the universe and characters design, and development of the game core. With full cycle development, you get a market-ready product to surprise gamers and competitors alike.

The last word

The video game industry is still growing and improving as we get more and more impressive technology. If you are thinking of entering the gaming realm with a million dollar idea, now is the best time to do so. By cooperating with a professional game production agency, you get access to the most talented developers who are passionate about making revolutionary changes in the industry and the most modern technology for high-quality performance. Don’t know where to start? See what leading studios love have to offer!

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