Boot Directly to Desktop in Windows 8 and Bypass Metro –

If you prefer Windows 8 to boot directly to the desktop and bypass the Metro application environment, follow these easy steps to do so.

Step: Create a new schedule task to boot directly to the desktop.

(Watch this tutorial on YouTube).

How to Create a New Scheduled Task in Windows 8

1. Right click on the screen lower left corner and select from the pop-up menu “Computer Management”.


2. When Computer Management opens, selectTask scheduler” on the left and then “Create a main task” on the right.


3. On the first screen of the main task wizard, write a name for this task: e.g Show desktopand select “The next one“.


4. For Task Trigger, select “When I log in” and then click “The next one


5. Select to take actionRun the programClick ” and “The next one“.


6. Type in the program/script field explorer.exe and “The next one“.


7. Click on “Termination” and close all open windows.


Note: If you have a laptop, double-click to open the newly created task and

go”Conditions” and uncheck it “Stop when the computer goes to battery power“option.

Scheduled task

From now on, the next time you log on, Windows will open directly to your desktop.

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