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Food entrepreneur Laura Fuentes is on a mission to help busy women create healthy meals for their families. She has developed a unique program that combines exercise and health and empowers these women prepare healthy meals without losing quality and taste. Read on to learn more about Laura and her work.

Laura Fuentes Biography:

Entrepreneur, author and TV personality Laura Fuentes. She is the founder of, a website and meal planning service that helps busy moms create healthy family meals. Laura has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, and in Woman’s Day, Parents, and Shape magazine.

Laura grew up in Miami, Florida. She earned a degree in dietetics from Florida International University and worked as a registered dietitian for several years before starting her own business.

In addition to running MOMables, Laura is also a food columnist for The Huffington Post and a contributor to CNBC. She has written two cookbooks: The MOMables Cookbook: 100+ Family-Friendly Meals Your Kids Will Actually Eat! And real food for busy moms: Quick + healthy meals your family will love.

Background by Laura Fuentes

Entrepreneur, author and recipe developer Laura Fuentes. She is the founder and CEO of, a website dedicated to helping busy moms plan meals and cook healthy family meals.

Fuentes has been featured in The Huffington Post, Shape Magazine, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan, and more. He has also appeared on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, CBS News and other national television shows.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Florida International University. After college, she worked as a chef and personal caterer before starting her own business.

In 2010, Fuentes started as a way to help other busy moms plan meals and cook healthy family meals. Since then, the site has grown into a comprehensive resource for families looking for easy and healthy recipes.

Fuentes is also the author of two cookbooks: The MOMables Cookbook: 140+ Family-Friendly Meals Your Kids Will Love (2015) and The Healthy Lunch Box: 100+ Delicious Back-to-School Recipes (2017).

What is a home cook?

A home cook is someone who enjoys preparing food for themselves and others. They may cook for special occasions or simply because they enjoy the process and satisfaction that comes with creating a delicious meal. Home cooks are often passionate about food and cooking and are always trying out new recipes and techniques. While some home cooks may choose to pursue a career in the culinary arts, others simply enjoy cooking as a hobby.

How does his food company work?

Laura Fuentes is a food entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of MOMiN8, a nutrition company that helps busy moms make healthy choices for their families. Her company offers meal plans, cooking classes and nutrition education.

MOMiN8’s mission is to help busy moms make healthy choices for their families. Their goal is to provide resources and support so moms can cook nutritious meals, get active, and make smart decisions about their family’s health.

Laura’s company works by providing meal plans, cooking classes and nutrition education to moms looking to improve their family’s health. Meal plans are designed to help families eat nutritious foods, while cooking classes teach moms how to prepare healthy meals. Nutrition education gives mothers the knowledge to make smart choices about their family’s health.

What are his recipes?

Laura Fuentes’ recipes are all about healthy and delicious living. She focuses on using fresh, whole ingredients to create nutritious meals that are packed with flavor. Her recipes are very easy to follow, so you can be sure that you can recreate her dishes at home without any fuss.

Why is the company important to you and your family?

As a working mom, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier and more productive. I was introduced to Laura Fuentes and her company, MOMables, through a friend who is a working mom. I was immediately impressed by Laura’s passion for helping other moms like me with simple, healthy recipes and meal planning tips.

Since finding out about MOMables, I have been using their meal plans and recipes every week. The recipes are easy to follow and use ingredients I already have in my kitchen. The best part is that my family loves food! My husband and kids always ask for seconds of MOMables meals.

I am so grateful to have found Laura Fuentes and MOMables. Their company has had such a positive impact on my life as a busy mom. I highly recommend their products and services to any other mom looking for help planning meals and cooking healthy meals for her family.

How do I get started with this lifestyle change?

There are a few key things to keep in mind when you first start making healthy lifestyle changes. First, know that this is not an all-or-nothing proposition—you don’t need to be perfect to see results. Just aim to eat whole, unprocessed foods and less refined and processed foods. Second, focus on adding nutritious foods to your diet, not just junk foods. This means increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats. And third, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

If you can keep these three things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making permanent changes in your eating habits. And who knows – you might even find yourself enjoying this new way of eating!


Laura Fuentes is one an inspiring entrepreneur leading a new generation of food entrepreneurs. Through her innovative products and services, she has shown us that it is possible to create delicious recipes with healthy ingredients without sacrificing taste. He shows us how important it is to be aware of the foods we eat and their effects on our health. We can learn from Laura’s example and try to make healthier choices in our own lives.

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