Best Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Battery Bases in the UK

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation is a smart home speaker. It understands your voice commands and doubles as a complete speaker. It can play your favorite songs and read the morning news. But the Echo Dot needs constant power to function. That’s a limitation when you want to take the Echo outside. Fortunately, Battery-powered base stations can solve this problem.

Best Echo Dot 4th Generation Battery Bases in the UK

These Echo Dot 4th Generation battery bases power the smart speakers. This gives you the ability to take the speaker out onto your patio or deck. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use the Echo Dot as a wireless smart speaker.

Therefore, without further ado, Here are the best Echo Dot 4th Generation battery bases in the UK you can buy. But first,

1. Mission cables battery base for echo dot

Mission Cables battery bases are the cheapest battery bases you can buy on Amazon. It lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge, ensuring that your Echo Dot won’t fall off easily. This battery base has LED indicators for the battery and cutouts for the audio output.

Despite the low price tag and cradle shape, the sound is not compromised, and many users have confirmed this claim. Also, the battery lasts for the advertised time limit. However, If you play the volume at high volumes or place the Echo Dot in an area with spotty internet connection, the battery won’t last long.

The charging indicator is on the back, and you can also use the Echo Dot’s cable to charge the cradle. The Mission Cables battery base for the Echo Dot 4th generation has received great reviews and has over 10,000 user ratings on Amazon.

2. GGMM Store Battery Base Stand

GGMM’s battery base is quite different from the above. Unlike the picture above, it doesn’t have a crib design. Instead, It looks like a hockey puck, with an Echo Dot on top. The magnetic design ensures that the speaker does not fall out. At the same time, The open design ensures that sound flows unobstructed.

This GGMM battery base comes with slightly better battery life. It runs the Echo Dot 4th Gen for 6 hours. However, playing music at high volume will drain battery life faster. Note that charging this battery base can take up to 4 hours. on the upper side The battery indicator is on the front. That is, When you see a few blue LEDs on it, it means it’s time to walk indoors.

As with the above components, This GGMM battery base is popular on Amazon. Users love the sturdy design and ease of portability to the desk. You can use it while it says it’s plugged in. However, The base may get a little hot in the process.

3. PlusAcc Battery Base for Echo Dot 4th Generation

The PlusAcc battery base combines the best of both worlds. It has a cradle-like design with a compact form factor. This design allows you to easily move the Echo Dot around without dropping it. LED indicators; power buttons; And with bells and whistles like long-lasting batteries. Talking about battery life, this one can last up to 16 hours thanks to the 10,000mAh battery.

One of the users boasts of using this battery base all day with music playing. The best part is that the base can be plugged in when not in use. In this way, You can use it after first overcoming the difficult difficulty of charging the base.

It is slightly more expensive and less popular than the ones mentioned above. It has received a large number of positive user ratings. The only limitation is that it is only available in mainland UK.

4. Liboer Battery Base for Echo Dot

Another Echo Dot 4th generation battery base is from Liboer. It’s one of the more expensive items on the list and packs a ton of features like non-slip pads on the bottom and precise cutouts along the sides. It fits the 4th Gen Echo Dot like a glove and you don’t have to worry about it falling or sliding on the table.

However, It doesn’t pack a huge battery like the one mentioned above. However, the 5,200mah battery is enough to keep you playing for 11 hours. Standby time is around 18 hours.

Also, if you have a blue Echo Dot; It will blend. But unlike the aforementioned Echo Dot 4th Gen battery bases, it’s available in just one color.

Cut the cable.

These are the best Echo Dot 4th-generation battery bases. These battery bases make Amazon smart speakers wireless, allowing them to be used even during accidental power cuts. If you have Wi-Fi extenders and routers with power backups throughout your home, you’ll be fine. In addition, You can use the Echo Dot and use the battery base while the cherry on top is plugged in.

So which one of these would you buy?

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