Apple could cancel the iPhone SE 4 in 2023

Apple reused the iPhone 8 design with the iPhone SE 2 and the iPhone SE 3, and both did quite well. But people have been itching for something new. According to reports earlier this year, Apple was planning to redesign the next iPhone SE, with a slated release in 2023.

For those who don’t know, the “redesign” in question was supposed to be based on the design of the iPhone XR. But it seems that the company has abandoned its plans to release the iPhone SE 4 next year. According to the analyst Ming Chi KuoApple is expected to cancel or at least delay the iPhone SE 4 until 2024.

Why there won’t be an iPhone SE 4 next year

iPhone XR pocket

According to Kuo’s latest tweets, Apple is reassessing its strategy and pricing because it plans to bring the iPhone XR’s all-screen design to the next-generation iPhone SE. It would have resulted in a higher production cost as the new design would have ditched Touch ID in favor of Face ID. The latter is more expensive to do as there are more sensors involved in running the facial scans to unlock the smartphone.

The analyst says that downsizing and delaying the iPhone SE 4 will help Apple cut unnecessary spending on new product development. The next-generation iPhone SE was also scheduled to launch sometime around March or April 2023, which is expected to be a year of global economic decline. The iPhone SE 4 delay is said to be aimed at helping Apple navigate “the challenges of the global economic downturn in 2023.”

Why a delayed iPhone SE 4 is a good thing

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The best part of the smartphone market is that there is something for everyone. At least, that was the case until 2021, when Apple offered a small model of the last iPhone aimed at a niche audience of compact phones. Or did that claim cease to be true when Apple removed Touch ID from its mainstream iPhones and forced everyone to migrate to Face ID in 2017 with the release of the iPhone X?

Even with those drastic changes, I still think Apple’s current lineup is a pretty good fit for all types of smartphone users.

Think about it: a small phone and Touch ID. Combine the two, and what do you get? iPhone SE. In my opinion, the iPhone SE 3 is still the best choice for anyone who wants a Touch ID-enabled phone in 2022. Remember that Chris Evans interview with Collider? The one where you explained how you miss your old iPhone 6s because your new iPhone lacks a home button? It’s a great example that there are people who still want Touch ID on their iPhones. And the iPhone SE 3 seems to be the last of its kind to offer the home button without compromising on performance.

The iPhone SE 3 also serves another niche audience: those who want compact phones in 2022, a time when most phones will have screens of 6.1 inches or more. Is there enough of an audience for the compact form factor? Completely; This is why the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini failed to make a dent in the market and were later replaced by the larger iPhone 14 Plus.

Apple iPhone SE (2022) Touch ID button is used.

I’m all for Apple keeping the design language of the iPhone 8 for another year, even if not everyone is a fan of the iPhone SE 3. There is an audience that wants a compact phone with a home button that also doubles as a Touch ID So why not give people the choice to buy something they like without compromising on the performance or experience of the software?

There are people who want to keep their iPhone 7 just for the home button, like Chris Evans. Keeping the iPhone SE 3 for another year would serve this audience well, and they could upgrade to better performance, camera, and software support without losing the proven design.

If Apple goes ahead with the iPhone SE 4, we’ll probably get another iPhone with Face ID and a bigger screen (compared to the iPhone SE 3). And not everyone wants that. There are people who don’t want their phones to scan their faces as soon as they turn on their smartphones. Putting your finger on the scanner is a deliberate choice, rather than choosing to allow your phone to scan your face at will.

The price puzzle

iPhone XR notch.

And finally, people still like to buy cheap iPhones. Making design changes to go full screen and include Face ID would inevitably increase the market price for the iPhone SE 4. And, I’m guessing, the next iPhone SE could sit a bit lower than the next vanilla flagship iPhone with a $$ difference in the price 100 Or it will be a way to justify the price increase for the next flagship iPhone.

So Apple not releasing iPhone SE 4 in 2023 or canceling it altogether could be a good move. And keeping the iPhone SE 3 for another year could make your loyal customers happy.

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