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Network Wi-Fi is a technology that allows you to have uninterrupted access to Wi-Fi in your home and eliminates dead zones. Amazon Eero: and: Google Wi-Fi are two of the most popular mesh Wi-Fi systems today. Choosing between Amazon Eero vs. Google Wi-Fi can be a tough choice given that both devices are quite similar.

Amazon Eero vs. Google WiFi

However, you may be wondering which is better in between Nest WiFi Vs Aero. In this guide, we’ll compare the two devices using various essential factors that may come in handy when buying your first mesh Wi-Fi system. Read on to learn more.

Google Nest WiFi vs. Amazon Eero

When choosing the first network network in your home you are likely to encounter Google Wi-Fi and: Amazon Eero: brands. Below are a variety factors to help you choose the best device brand among these affordable mesh Wi-Fi systems.

User friendliness

User friendliness important when you configure your mesh Wi-Fi system as a beginner. A Wi-Fi network that is easier to set up and use is better than one that is complicated to operate. Although both devices are comparable easy to installis Amazon Eero: most user-friendly.

Amazon Eero instructions are more useful and provide advices in case of any problem. Google Wi-Fi, however, is a bit small confusing and needs improvement with its installation instructions.

What about mobile apps? eero app easier to use than the Google WiFi app. Setting up your Amazon Eero: will only be required with the eero app 20-30 years minute. The Google WiFi app can sometimes have questionsespecially when the app does not recognize your Wi-Fi router due to a bug or malfunction.

Our pick: Amazon Eero


Both devices share similar specifications, but there are a few differences between Amazon Eero and Google Wi-Fi. It Amazon Eero: is more stable network Wi-Fi system that provides consistent speeds.

a alone Amazon Eero router average cost approx 93 Mbps, two Eero routers are averaged 94 Mbps (covering an area of ​​3000 sq. ft.), and three Eero routers are averaged up to 97 Mbps. (covering 5000 sq. ft.)

On the other hand, A alone Average speed of Google Wi-Fi router 90 Mbps. Compared to Aero, two Google Wi-Fi routers are averaged 87 Mbps (covering up to 3,000 sq. ft.), and three routers are averaged 97 Mbps. (covers up to 4500 sq. ft.)

Mesh Wi-Fi capable of incredible performance speeds is at a constant rate Amazon Eero:. However, Google Wi-Fi still works serviced at speed and allows manual control when connection priority with one device.

Our pick: Amazon Eero


When comparing both of the device applications, they will have their positive and negative sides. It eero app easy to use and has intelligent featuressuch as making reservations, support for chains, DNS settings, port forwarding, and MU-MIMO support.

It also allows you to cook profiles for each connected user and device. You can define content restrictions for each device, schedule and stop internet on demand. It stands out Intelligent queue managementwhich allows automatically device priority that need more bandwidth without interrupting other devices.

However, the eero app does not let me follow up bandwidth usagewhich makes it hard to find devices which can eat up a lot of your Wi-Fi bandwidth. Also, you must subscribe Eero Secure ($3/month)have advanced content filtering, ad blocking and other security features. Eero Secure+ ($10/month) offers additional features such as VPN support and a password management system.

Meanwhile Google WiFi app may have less smart features, it also has features similar to eero app. It stands out Family WiFiwhich allows you to call your devices and create groups. It allows you to create Wi-Fi access schedules and stop internet connection with one or more connected devices.

The app allows you to view various real time statistics specific device eg bandwidth used Within 5 seconds, for the day, week or month. It allows you to connect and change different network settingssuch as IPv6, DHCP IP reservations, ports, and DNS settings.

However, like the eero app, the Google Wi-Fi app has disadvantages. First, the app will require you to have a Google account before use. It also has Wi-Fi calling capability didn’t work for some users and is reportedly mediocre VPN support.

Our pick: Amazon Eero (eero app)

Device design

Although both are quite similar but Amazon Eero: is much better in terms of finish and overall aesthetics. The standard Amazon Eero package will have three hubs six Ethernet ports (two Eero on each router) and are interchangeable (any Ethernet port can be used to connect to the modem).

Majority samples Google Wi-Fi routers are white matte. Each node also comes with a built-in night light, which can be useful when trying to find them at night. The standard Google Wi-Fi package will have three five Ethernet portswith one for the modem.

Our pick: a tie

Final thoughts

Overall, the two devices are evenly matched, with the Amazon Eero slightly outperforming Google Wi-Fi in terms of speed, performance, and user-friendliness. However, if you are a user who wants more control over your network Wi-Fi setup, Google Wi-Fi may be a better choice for you.

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