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Feel everything as you use your body to control the game

Early XIO prototype

Revolution in the game

The XIO will revolutionize your gaming experience, taking the already proven motion control and adding the critical missing piece, your sense of touch. You will experience games like you never thought possible before.

Huge game support

Novint’s XIO will work with all existing Falcon supported titles, so it will have a huge amount of game support when it launches. As with the Falcon, with Novint’s new F-Gen drivers, the Xio can be used to play any PC game, and enhanced power settings for many games are created continuously.

New community

When you get your XIO, you’ve not only bought the most advanced game controller on the market. You’ve also joined a community of gamers who are welcoming and friendly. One of the best things about XIO is the community that comes with it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is XIO for sale now?

No, we are in the process of developing prototypes that fully incorporate powers comparable to the Falcon’s. We don’t have a release date yet.

Is XIO a consumer product? How much will it cost?

It is designed to be a consumer product. We expect it to be comparable in price to the Falcon.

How does XIO work?

You put your arm into XIO, and you can either stand in front of a TV like other motion control technologies (eg Kinect, Move, Wii) or you can sit at a desk and control with your wrist movements. Unlike current motion control technologies out there, you can feel what’s at play. When you shoot a gun, take a full body golf swing, jump a car or smash a sword into a shield, you will be able to feel what is happening. When using wrist-based movements to control the game, it has precision on par with the Falcon, and should allow users to surpass their mouse skills. It is a high precision device and there is no lag (because it is mechanical).

Will XIO have game support?

Yes, the plan is to launch XIO with full game support. We expect it to have support for most, if not all, major AAA PC titles at launch. Part of the reason we expect this is that XIO uses the same software base as the Falcon, so all of Falcon’s game support will work with XIO. F-Gen allows a wide variety of game support.

Will XIO work for console or mobile gaming in addition to the PC?

We are exploring these options, and we want to support other platforms beyond the PC. XIO is ideal for console and mobile games (ie when streaming to a TV, for example).

Can XIO be used in applications outside of gaming, or higher level professional applications?

Definitely. We expect XIO to be used in medical applications, telerobotics, scientific visualization, physical therapy, sports training and military simulation to name a few. Below is a video example of a type of use where XIO is used in a professional setting. To note, the vest and IR glasses seen in this video are not inherently part of the XIO, and are used in a custom way specifically for the project for which this video was developed.

First look at the XIO Gaming VR simulator prototype

(Note: This is only an application for XIO in a professional context. In general, Xio is a consumer-level product, and will have a wide variety of consumer-level game support)

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