Acronis True Image Home 2010 – Windows cannot be restarted. –

I used to do a lot of disk cloning operations with Acronis TI Home 2010, but today when I tried (about 3 times) to clone the main OS hard disk to another one, I got the following error:

Failed to restart the computer…

Windows cannot be restarted. You probably don’t have enough privileges to perform the operation

I had this problem when using Windows XP Pro and Acronis True Image Home 2010.


I searched the web for this problem, only found this link:

After applying the solution mentioned there to change registry settings, the problem still occurred and I decided to search more about this problem in computer settings.

1. I first looked in the Windows Event Viewer for software, security or system events on the computer, but found nothing there.

Note*: To whom Open Event Viewer Click on Windows XP Startpress Control Panelpress Administrative toolsand then double-click Event viewer.

2. Then I look in windows services and found this Acronis Scheduler service and Acronis True Image monitor had already begun.

Note*: To whom open the services Click on Windows XP Startpress Control Panelpress Administrative toolsand then double-click Services.

3. Then I tried Stop and Start restarted the above services and restarted the clone operation but the problem was still there.

Note*: In Windows XP, right-click the service you want to manage, and then click Start, Stop, Pause, Resume; restartor Restart.



4. My next step was to look at the applications that can be launched at Windows startup CCleaner*

There I somehow realized that “Acronis Scheduler2 service” and “True Image monitor.exe” Start with Windows is disabled.

I enabled these two programs and then restarted the system.


Note*: To view startup programs using CCleaner, open CCleaner and on the left side: Tools after that Start up.

5.And voila! The problem went away and the cloning process started normally and I was able to restart the computer without any errors.

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