A man is saved in Alaska thanks to an iPhone 14 satellite alert

A tremendous display of the value of performing a function iPhone 14 satellite alertsince a man stuck with his snowmobile in Alaska managed to be rescued unharmed after asking for help.

MacRumors reports that an Alaskan snowmobile man was stranded at 2 AM on December 1, using his iPhone’s satellite emergency SOS feature to send an emergency alert.

Four volunteer searchers were sent to the coordinates sent by the man, who was found unharmed and taken to his destination.

Apple notes that Emergency SOS via satellite may not work in locations above 62 degrees latitude. The area where the man was stuck was located at about 66 degrees latitude, outside the working range cited by Apple.

Soldiers who assisted in the rescue were “impressed with the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in the initial alert,” with the Satellite Emergency SOS feature designed to ask several questions before sending an alert to speed up rescue missions. .

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