7 Ways to Fix iPhone Calendar Search Not Working

Want to check the dates of your past or upcoming meeting or travel plans? Or when was your last or next doctor’s appointment? ok You can search for appointments and events in your Calendar app. But what if the iPhone Calendar search feature isn’t working? ok This article will help you solve the problem.

iPhone Calendar search not working.

Adding an event to your calendar helps you remember the event and attend to it. The search feature allows you to refer back to it whenever needed. If the calendar search feature is not working, That cannot be; So try these 7 hacks and solve the problem as soon as possible.

NoteAlthough not officially released by Apple, users have reported that they can search back up to a year on an iPhone or iPad. Even if you have a MacBook. You can search for old events.

1. Restart the Calendar app.

Let’s start by assuming the problem is a minor bug. If so, A drastic action of restarting the app can help. Here’s how to close and reopen the Calendar app on iPhone.

Step 1: Bring App Switcher.

  • For iPhone with Face ID: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold to the center.
  • For iPhone with Touch ID Double-click the Home button.

Step 2– Find the Calendar app (swipe left or right if necessary).

Step 3: Hold and swipe the app to close.

Step 4– Now your home screen, Go to the app library or use Siri Search to restart the Calendar app.

Test the search feature. If you still can’t find a current or past event in Calendar, try the next solution.

2. Restart the iPhone.

The idea is simple, reset the cache by restarting the iPhone. This often fixes various issues including the Calendar issue on iPhone. How to do that?

Step 1: Bring the power slide to your screen:

  • iPhone SE 2 or 3; In the 7 and 8 series: Press and hold the side button until the power off slider appears.
  • On iPhone X and above: Press and hold the Volume Down/Up and Side buttons at the same time until the Power slider appears.

Step 2: Drag the power slider to turn off the device.

Restart iPhone.

Step 3: Now press and hold the Power button to restart your iPhone.

Once restarted, Whether the problem is resolved Check No or continue.

3. Make sure Calendar Sync is set up for all events.

If you are looking for an old event or an upcoming event created on a different device. This hack will do the trick.

Step 1: Go to Settings and tap Calendar.

Step 2: Select Sync.

Step 3: Here, Select all events if not already selected.

Select all events as the sync option.

Step 4: Now wait for a few seconds and launch the Calendar app.

Step 5: Click the Calendar tab and drag down from the top to refresh the calendar.

If all events are selected, select a specific time frame, such as Events 1 Month Back. Restart the Calendar app and switch to all events again. This can help you fix the bug and reset the search feature.

You can’t search for events because the iPhone Calendar is likely out of sync. You can try the fixes in our guide on how to fix calendar not syncing on iPhone to make sure syncing works.

4. Make sure all groups are enabled.

Apple lets you set up multiple calendars. From shared people to work/personal calendars; It will allow events to be organized. But the events you’re looking for may be an opportunity for another group. So make sure all calendar groups are enabled.

Step 1Start the Calendar app.

Step 2: Select the Calendar tab from the bottom.

Step 3: Check all important calendar groups; Click on the group to open it.

As an additional measure, Also check Show Declined Events to make sure your search includes old events that have not been accepted.

Note: You can’t find the event you’re looking for because it belongs to a calendar you’re no longer subscribed to.

5. Update iOS to fix iPhone calendar search not working.

Another possible reason for Apple Calendar search not working could be a bug in iOS. Hopefully it can be fixed in the next update.

Step 1: Go to iPhone Settings.

Step 2: Click General and select Software Update.

Step 3: If an update is available, click Download and Install.

Click Download and Install to update iOS.

Once updated, Try searching for events in your Calendar app. Otherwise, you will have to reset the iPhone.

6. Reset all settings on your iPhone.

Wi-Fi passwords when you reset iPhone settings; All saved settings including Bluetooth devices and more will be removed. However, This might reset a bug or issue that stops you from finding iPhone calendars.

ok It sounds like a drastic measure; But desperate times call for serious problem solving.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and go to General.

Step 2: Scroll down and select ‘Transfer or reset iPhone’.

Step 3Click Reset.

Step 4– Select Reset all settings and enter your passcode.

Step 5: Finally select Reset All Settings again to confirm.

7. Contact Apple Support.

ok If nothing else, It’s time to call or contact Apple Support. You can do so by downloading the Support app or visiting the Apple Support website.

Find events in the iPhone calendar.

So we hope these fixes will restore your iPhone Calendar search. If iOS Calendar doesn’t fit your bill. You can check out the list of Apple Calendar alternatives for iPhone. Your choice in the comment section below; Let us know any questions or queries.

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