7 Best Apps to Make Memes on iPhone and iPad

Memes are the internet’s greatest gift to mankind. Thanks to the endless list of creators, there’s no shortage of memes on Instagram and Reddit. However, if you want to add to the fun and make some of your own. Here are some of the best apps for making memes on iPhone and iPad.

Best apps to make memes on iPhone

Whenever you see a funny situation, you will immediately think of the meme. But if you think reducing your efforts to create memes is a chore. We’re here for you to change that. The apps mentioned in this article will help you make memes easily and provide you with many examples to do so. Let’s start with our favorite app – Mematic.

1. Mematic: Our favorite app for making Memes on iPhone and iPad

Mematic is one of the best iPhone apps for making memes. When you open the app, You get a simple enough interface to help you decide how you want to make a meme. You can quickly select a style and a template and add text to it.

Of course, You can create your own custom meme template. However, In the free version of the app; You only get three cards. You can unlock more in the paid version. In addition, When you purchase the pro version, you can disable ads and unlock stickers and premium fonts.

Another feature we appreciate is the tutorial videos to help you create memes. This is to size the meme; Whether it’s making a collage or adding a washcloth, all topics are covered. In general, We had a great experience creating memes in this app. In addition, You can use it to easily create inspirational quotes and other creative images.

Price: Free; Pro version$1.99 monthly; $11.99 annually

2. Meme Maker Pro: Best Features to Make Custom Memes

Meme Maker Pro is our second favorite meme app on this list. It’s not as refined as the Mematic, though. We love the many features provided to make custom memes. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a premium to access most of these features.

If you’re disappointed that the free version of Mematic only offers a few options to create memes, Meme Maker Pro has you covered. It has many theme options, background eraser, It even supports editing features like custom shape cutouts and borders. You can make memes using GIFs in this app.

Although the app is free, You can purchase the premium version to remove ads, templates, pictures, All stickers and font sets can be unlocked. However, the premium version is very expensive. So, if you want to use a free meme app on your iPhone, I recommend this app.

In general, We’re big fans of this app, but if it came with a more user-friendly interface. It could provide worthy competition for Mematic.

Price: Free; Pro version: $9.99 per month; $59.99 per year

3. Imgur: Meme creator with high quality meme library

Imgur is known for its high-quality image library and Instagram-like social platform, and until recently we didn’t even realize you could make memes on it too. You also get a great meme library for any inspiration.

However, Unlike Mematic, Imgur doesn’t have a good set of tools for making memes. So if you want to make memes quickly without a lot of editing, Imgur is your app. Imgur lets you create new memes by remixing old ones. A great advantage of Imgur is that it integrates with iMessage, so you can send memes and GIFs to your friends via text.

That is, We love Imgur’s user interface; It’s better than Mematic. I also like the placement of the banner ads. I like them when a post only appears when you want to see it and doesn’t bother you. However, to remove all ads; You can purchase the pro version to unlock exclusive avatars and even trophies. It’s a simple social media platform that lets you make memes and gifs. So don’t get your hopes up too high.

Price: Free; Pro version: $1.99

4. Meme Creator: No-Fuss Meme Creator App

If you have a meme idea and want to make it as soon as possible: use Meme Creator. A very basic and simple app to quickly create a meme. Once you open the app, You get two options to add text to an existing meme or create a custom meme.

Along with choosing a template, You can add text with custom font selection; effects; You can even add filters or stickers. In addition, You can take a picture and make a meme using the in-app camera. You’ll find all the classic memes that are trending, as well as classic memes that will make sure you never miss the old stuff.

However, the app has a lot of annoying ads. So while they may annoy some, to get rid of them; You need to purchase the pro version. It gives you new meme styles, It also helps to unlock stickers and emojis and remove watermarks. I only recommend this app to quickly create a meme, but for more editing options I recommend using another app on this list like Meme Maker Pro or Mematic.

Price: Free; Pro versionStarting at $0.99

5. Memedroid: Simple Meme Maker with Meme Library

Previous app in this list; Meme Creator helped you create memes quickly without any effort. However, It missed the meme library, which is really helpful for understanding templates and finding inspiration. To bridge this gap, We have Memedroid.

Memedroid helps you create memes in a few steps. All you can do is select a template or add an image; Add captions and call it a day. The main reason for using this app over the previous one is the non-intrusive ads. There are ads in the app, but they don’t interfere when you’re trying to make memes.

I also like how the trending meme feed shows you the latest memes. You log in on these memes; You can also respond and comment. All in all, This is a great app for creating memes. I wish there were better meme making tools than just adding text on top.

Price: Free; Pro version: $2.99

6. Memes.com: Best app to make GIF and Video Memes

Memes.com is a top rated app for making memes on iPhone and iPad. It does a great job helping you make videos and GIF memes. We also noticed that it’s one of the few apps that not only supports the mainstream but also the latest meme examples. Memes.com integrates with iMessage so you can quickly create memes and share them with whoever you’re messaging.

You also have many GIF and video examples to make memes. What we love about this app is the powerful search bar. your favorite TV show; You can find a template based on a movie or character.

Another unique feature is the Reddit and Imgur integration. Although Memes.com also has a great meme library. You can search for popular memes on Reddit and Imgur within this app. Once you find a good meme, you can not only view it but also edit the same using the full range of tools provided by this app.

However, Because Memes.com doesn’t filter obscene content, some of the memes in the popular section may receive bad taste from a few viewers. So if you are planning to use the app. A word of caution here regarding the nature of certain memes.

The Pro version removes all ads, allows you to add custom watermarks, and create video memes of up to 5 minutes. You can unlock more meme styles and export the meme in the highest possible resolution.

Price: Free; Pro version: Starting at $0.99 monthly; $29.99/year.

7. Meme Creator/Viewer: Make Memes with the community.

Meme Creator/Viewer is not a special app for making memes on iPhone and iPad as it has only basic tools for making memes. However, You can use this app to find memes, Most importantly, Here are examples added by the community.

You also get a Reddit-like feed to view memes. When you want to create a new meme, You can find and use a template. However, If you’re not sure what a template means or want to know more about a quote, This app offers you many memes made using the template. This is a feature we really appreciate.

The features in the free version of this app will be enough to make memes on iPhone and iPad. However, By purchasing the Pro version, you can enjoy the app without ads. You can install a custom home screen icon and unlock a full collection of memes and templates.

Price: Free; Pro version: $1.99

These are some of the best free apps you can download to make memes on iPhone and iPad. However, If you still have similar questions, Please see our FAQ section below.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best GIF app for iPhone?

Imgur and Giphy are two of the best and most popular apps for GIFs on iPhone.

2. How to turn an image into a meme?

Apart from being able to make memes from existing templates, you can also make memes from pictures in your camera roll using all the apps mentioned above.

3. How can you make memes on iPhone without an app?

The Photos app on the iPhone offers an option to add text to images. You can use it to quickly add captions and turn an image into a meme without a third-party app. However, templates in meme apps make the job quick and easy.

4. Is Mematic safe?

Yes, Mematic is safe and the app developers state that they have no in-app trackers.

5. How to make memes in iMessage.

You can add apps like Imgur and Memes.com to iMessage to quickly create and share.

Get these Meme apps for iPhone, Set and go.

These are apps that can help you make high-quality memes on iPhone and iPad. Over the last few years, memes have become a prominent part of the online world. Therefore, It’s a great way to interact with each other and the community while keeping the humor healthy and fun. Therefore, go ahead. Download the apps and put your creativity into the real world.

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