6 Best USB Type-C Cables to Connect MacBook Pro to Monitors

The best way to connect your Apple MacBook Pro to a monitor is with a USB Type-C cable. You can choose from high-speed Thunderbolt 4 cables to standard HDMI cables. All you need is a USB Type-C head or USB Type-C adapter and you should be in the clear. Typically, USB Type-C power delivery cables save you from the hassle of connecting separate power cables.

Best USB-C Cables to Connect MacBook Pro to Monitors

To use your MacBook Pro with a monitor; Here are some USB Type-C cables.

Without further ado, let’s get started. But first,

1. Belkin Thunderbolt 4 Cable

The Belkin Thunderbolt 4 cable is for you if you don’t want to compromise on speed and bandwidth. It’s an Intel-certified Thunderbolt 4 cable and supports all TB4 features, including 40Gbps bandwidth. Thunderbolt cables work over USB Type-C, so you don’t need to use an adapter.

The advantage of higher bandwidth is that you can connect up to dual 4K monitors. of course, Monitors must be Thunderbolt capable. At the same time, Support for 100W Power Delivery means you don’t need to use a power cord to power up your laptop. The Belkin Thunderbolt 4 cable will take care of that.

That is, It is a simple rope without braids. Nevertheless, It’s sturdy and the 1 meter length gives you enough wiggle room to route the cable to your advantage.

Alternatively, you can check out the Cable Matters 40 Gbps Active Thunderbolt 4 Cable.

2. Baseus 100W USB Type-C cable

If you don’t need the high bandwidth of Thunderbolt 4 cables, the Baseus USB Type-C cable is the next best thing. It’s a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable that can power the MacBook Pro up to 100W. Second, it is made of nylon braided for durability. Plus, braided cords are less tangled.

Power Delivery support means this single cable can be used to deliver both power and video signals. So there is no cable clutter on your desk. It’s a versatile cable that can also power your MacBook Pro and charge it to 75% in an hour.

It easily routes video signals from the MacBook Pro to the monitor. There is no loss of quality. This Baseus cable is recognized. This is a popular USB Type-C cable with over 3,000 user ratings to its credit. Users love its well-made nature and long cable length (3.3m). Also, it is not expensive.

3. Nimaso USB Type-C to USB Type-C charging cable

Another USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable you can check out is the one from Nimaso. It is a USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 2 cable that provides up to 10Gbps speed and 100W power. At the same time, High bandwidth achieves up to 4K resolution at 60Hz. This cable is crimped for better durability.

The Nimaso USB Type-C cable transfers the video signal from your MacBook Pro to the monitor. Users note that the video signals are transferred smoothly without stuttering and glitches.

At the same time, it is built to last. The slim form factor ensures that it can be easily mounted on your monitor. It’s a popular cable on Amazon and has received over 6,000 customer ratings, with people appreciating its affordable price and sturdy construction.

4. Save the uni USB Type-C to HDMI cable.

HDMI ports on monitors are one of the most common connectors, and if your monitor has one of these, It is best to use USB Type-C to HDMI cables. Although you don’t get the advantage of connecting a single line for video and power. You can connect to a regular 4K monitor and still get a 30Hz refresh rate. On non-4K monitors, you’ll get the full 60Hz.

The uni HDMI cable is a lightweight but braided cable. As mentioned earlier, The braided cable prevents the cable from fraying. The company advertises that this braided USB Type-C cable can survive countless bends.

Their well-made and durable nature makes them suitable for long-term use. If you have more than one monitor, you can take the help of a USB Type-C hub to connect your MacBook Pro to multiple monitors.

uni Store’s USB Type-C to HDMI cable is popular on Amazon and has over 18,000 user ratings. If you want to add a cheap and sturdy USB Type-C cable to your desktop, buy this one. A fixed 6-foot length sweetens the deal even more.

5. Warrky USB Type-C to HDMI cable

Another USB Type-C to HDMI cable you can try is the one from Warkky. It has a long aluminum jacket that makes it easy to hold, especially when plugging or unplugging. In addition, The space gray of the cable matches well with the space gray MacBooks. It’s a USB Type-C 3.1 gen cable, just like USB Type-C to HDMI cables. It cannot power your laptop.

This USB Type-C to HDMI cable is available in multiple lengths, with a fixed length of 3 feet and 6 feet giving you enough flexibility to arrange your MacBook Pro and your favorite monitor.

6. uni USB Type-C to DisplayPort Cable

Got one of those gaming monitors connected to your PlayStation that you want to connect to your MacBook Pro? If yes, This is the USB Type-C to DisplayPort cable you’ve been looking for. One from uni is a USB Type-C cable that’s durable. [email protected] Like its counterparts on this list; It is a braided rope, durable and strong. The best part is that the strain relief has a speckled texture that tightens it up.

It does as advertised and brings crisp picture quality to the table. no late The video signal is also free of any defects. This is one of the favorite USB Type-C to DisplayPort cables out there and has over 6,000 user ratings on Amazon.

The uni USB Type-C to DisplayPort cable has excellent build quality. With proper care it should last a long time. The only limitation is that the braided body makes it stiff.

Here are two screens

These are some USB Type-C cables to connect your MacBook Pro to monitors. Ultimately everything boils down to the ports on your monitor. Once you’ve got that, the next best thing to do is figure out which ports can get you the best possible deals.

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