6 Best Leather Cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is a premium smartphone, and it’s justified to protect it with premium cases. Although there are many different types of cases available for your phone, from clear cases to rugged bumpers. When you think of a premium case, a leather case is the first thing that comes to mind.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Cases

If your thoughts are the same as ours, protecting your iPhone 14 Pro Max with a leather case seems like a good option. But there are many types of leather bags that will confuse you. To eliminate that confusion, we’ve found the best iPhone 14 Pro Max leather cases you can buy. From wallet cases to MagSafes. We’ve got them all covered.

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1. LONLI Edition Genuine Leather Case

LONLI edition case is a brown leather case for iPhone 14 Pro Max. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product. In fact, It’s an excellent case made from genuine leather, which means it will develop a patina over time. You also get a MagSafe sleeve for added functionality.

If you are looking for a real leather case for iPhone 14 Pro Max that is relatively inexpensive, this LONLI edition case seems to be the perfect choice. The saddle brown color looks pleasing to the eye and the genuine leather adds a classic touch to your iPhone. It’s also compatible with MagSafe accessories, which is a bonus.

The buttons click, and according to reviews, the magnets are very strong and can hold tightly to whatever accessory you attach. There is a ring around the camera cutout to protect the lenses. It’s less than half the price, just like Apple’s official leather case. All that’s missing is the Apple logo.

If you’re in the market for a black leather case with MagSafe for your iPhone 14 Pro Max, we have no complaints that this will give you a serious bang for your buck.

2. CYRILL Kajuk Mag

This case is for those who want the look of real leather without actually getting it. The CYRILL Kajuk case has a TPU frame around the body of the phone. The back of the case features a panel trimmed in vegan leather.

A leather bag is not suitable for every occasion or use case. Because genuine leather develops a patina over time; Many users don’t like the way it looks with extended use. That’s why products like the CYRILL Kajuk Mag vegan leather case for iPhone 14 Pro Max exist. It looks like a regular TPU case, so it feels familiar.

Because the leather is only on the back. You don’t get the premium feel while holding the device that you’d expect from a genuine leather case. This case also gets support for MagSafe, so you can use additional accessories. According to reviews, the case is slightly slippery due to the TPU sides.

Only get this case if you want your iPhone to look exactly like a leather case. Skip this if you want the real feel of leather.

3. Bocasal Wallet Case

This is a very comfortable iPhone 14 Pro Max leather wallet case with great features. On the back there is a removable wallet that attaches with a magnet. The wallet can hold several cards and some useful cash. It is also made of RFID blocking material for added safety.

This wallet case from Bocasal is quite different from your usual wallet cases. The wallet section on the back is folded and has a flap to hold when not in use. The wallet is magnetically attached so you can remove it whenever you’re not using it. You can then attach standard MagSafe accessories to your iPhone.

All of this is cool, but keep in mind that this case is made of PU leather, so it won’t feel like real leather. It has a silicone structure covered with a layer of PU leather. Except both sides actually agree. A functional case that lets you leave your wallet behind when you leave. So it gets full marks for usefulness.

However, It is not the best choice for those who want the high-end look of a genuine leather bag. The included wallet attachment is also quite bulky, which may put some people off.

4. Belemay Folio Case

Folio cases are very popular these days, but phones are so big these days that they’re not common anymore. But if you still want a folio case for your iPhone 14 Pro Max, Belemay is a good choice.

Here is another iPhone 14 Pro Max leather wallet case, But the design is slightly different. Instead of adding an attachment to the back of the wallet. Inside this case there are slots for a few cards. In this way, It also protects the front of your iPhone from scratches in your pocket. The front part protects the screen of your iPhone when you drop the phone.

The part that docks your iPhone is made of TPU, but the exterior is made entirely of genuine leather, giving it a premium feel. Since it is a folio case, It can also act as a kickstand when you’re watching content.

However, One drawback pointed out by the reviews is the lack of a magnetic closure mechanism in the case. As a result, It can keep moving in your hand.

5. Nomad Modern Leather Case

Nomad is known for making some of the best leather bags in the industry, and the Modern leather bag is a prime example. It is made of genuine leather and is a classic bag available in 4 colors. It protects your phone with a very premium look.

The Nomad leather case for iPhone 14 Pro Max is for those who want the best protection and feel inside the hand. It looks like a tough bag, but the exterior is made of leather. The case also offers support for the ever-present MagSafe. The buttons on the case are raised and easy to find. It’s a small thing, but it makes a big impact on the phone’s usability.

Leather develops a patina over time, improving the appearance of the case. Nomad’s modern leather case for iPhone 14 Pro Max is almost perfect, but it’s also very expensive. It’s almost the same price as Apple’s official product, but we can argue that it’s better than Apple’s case in terms of protection. If you don’t mind splurging and buying Apple’s case. This is one of the best cases to get.

6. Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

It’s finally time for Apple’s official leather case with MagSafe. Needless to say, here you get a quality product made of genuine leather and available in a few attractive colors. It doesn’t offer much protection from drops, but it sure makes your iPhone 14 Pro Max look premium and classic.

To be honest, The only reason to get an Apple leather case, Nomad or even LONLI, is the Apple logo on the back. This case has an embossed Apple logo, unlike other generic leather cases. You get the MagSafe animation when you put this case on your iPhone, but there’s no use for it.

If you are a fan of Apple’s first-party accessories, you can opt for this case. If not, It has better buttons and offers better protection, so I recommend getting the Nomad Modern leather case instead.

In addition, Apple’s official cases are also notorious for chipping over time if your use is rough. So keep that in mind. On the other hand, If you plan to use accessories like MagSafe wallets, the strength of the magnets in Apple’s official cases is higher than usual. This case will be well used.

Protection with a hint of class

Your phone case doesn’t always have to be boring and mundane. Get these iPhone 14 Pro Max leather cases to protect your phone while making it look even more premium than it already is.

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