5 Best Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are easy to use; It has become popular among users due to its convenience and support for fast charging. Apple Google While smartphone makers like Samsung and OnePlus offer wireless chargers, third-party manufacturers have flooded the market with unique offerings. Among them, wireless chargers are suitable for checking notifications without holding the phone.

Thanks to strong haptics, your smartphone can slide over a regular wireless charger. When receiving frequent notifications, Your phone will stop charging by the wrong wireless charger. No more such problems with a standing wireless charger. Let’s check out our top picks.

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1. Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech offers different charging modes for your compatible device. The company ensures a robust and reliable charging solution with a wide charging area.

Yootech has three charging modes for your phone. The wireless charging solution charges your iPhone at 7.5W, Samsung flagships charge 10W and other devices at 5W speeds. The company does not package an adapter with the purchase. We recommend using a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 adapter for your charger.

Unlike regular wireless chargers, No need to find a sweet spot to charge. The pad supports both horizontal and vertical positions to charge the phone overnight. It has a neat green LED indicator for a glance from a distance. Unfortunately, The Yootech charger is only available in black. It may not fit with the interior of your room. This seems to be popular among users with over 15000 ratings.

2. Yw Yuwiss Wireless Charger

Don’t get confused by the weird company name here. Yuwiss uses the latest Qi wireless technology to charge your compatible devices. No need to remove the phone cover. Yuwiss can charge a device with a 5mm thick case.

For a flawless charging experience, you need to keep your case away from magnets and metal attachments. Once you use the Quick Charge 3.0 adapter, It can charge your phone at full speed. The charging stand is on top and supports both vertical and horizontal charging. Yuwiss offers a robust wireless charging solution in four color options.

The company uses Qi & UL certified smart chip, current protection, Used to provide high temperature and over voltage protection.

3. Nanami Wireless Charger

Nanami is the best wireless charger on the list. If the beauty of the device is high on your priority list, click the buy button.

Nanami has a two-coil fast charging solution that provides 1.4 times the charging speed compared to a standard charger. But it only supports two charging modes. Nanami Wireless Charger in Elegant Silver; Available in three colors: Classic Black and Elegant White. The charger has an LED indicator to show the charging status. It also features safe charging to prevent overheating. Nanami fits most cases up to 5mm thick. It may not work well in rough cases.

4. Anker wireless charger

Anker is well-known among third-party manufacturers. The company offers a wireless charging solution in black and white.

Anker supports 10W charging speeds for top Samsung phones and 5W for the latest iPhone models. Does not charge iPhone at 7.5W speed. You can watch YouTube videos and the latest Netflix shows in landscape mode while charging. In an unusual move; Anker charges a premium for a wireless charger in white. Sadly, Anker still bundles a micro-USB cable with purchase. Given the price, we’d like to see the latest USB Type-C cable in the package. Anker offers an 18-month warranty. We recommend using a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 adapter for best results.

5. Meiso Wireless Charger

Meiso is one of the best 2-in-1 wireless chargers. If you use wireless headphones or a smart watch; You can easily charge them with your smartphone.

Don’t mistake Meiso for a standard desk. It is a neat wireless charging solution to charge two devices simultaneously. Meiso offers 10W charging for all Qi-enabled devices (20W total output, 10W for each device). It has four silicone pads for a secure and strong fit. Even with powerful haptics, you don’t have to worry about your phone falling. The standing wireless charger has an adjustable height to set a comfortable angle for video calling. Thanks to the folding design, the Meiso wireless charger is easy to carry.

Meiso has two major weaknesses. The charging light indicator is on the back. You have to turn the device over to check the charging status. It should be in the east. For the asking price, the company should package a power adapter with the purchase. Meiso’s solution is available in a black option.

Charge your devices in style.

Meiso is on our top picks list. Anker offers a solid product, but with a modern cable. Nanami is perfect for your home or office interior, while Yootech and Yuwiss are affordable options.

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