5 Best Stylus for Lenovo Chromebook Duet

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is one of the popular Chromebooks in the budget segment, with a kickstand, Smaller features such as a touch-sensitive screen and a lightweight form factor are packed in. The touch screen makes it easy for students to jot down notes or doodle. Surprisingly, while the Chromebook Duet is compatible with one, it doesn’t ship with a stylus. Much obliged, There are a few styluses for the Lenovo Chromebook Duet.

Best Stylus for Lenovo Chromebook Duet

These USI (Universal Stylus Initiative) pens or styluses are very inexpensive and work well on most Chromebooks that support them. Plus, the slim design easily slips into your laptop sleeve or bag pocket.

Therefore, Without further ado, Let’s check out some of the best styluses for Lenovo Chromebook Duet. But first,

1. Minilab Active Stylus

The Minilabo Stylus is cheap and simple. This pen-like stylus has a smooth texture and nice features like a metal clip. You’ll be able to carry it in your Chromebook shirt pocket without a dedicated pocket. It is said to be reasonably priced and do your job with ease. It has good specific feedback. However, it cannot be replaced.

A rechargeable battery powers this stylus. The battery lasts about 30 hours on a single charge. of course, It depends on your usage. And the on/off switch makes sure you don’t waste precious battery life. That is, Charging the stylus is relatively simple, and the company provides a USB-B cable to recharge the pen.

Using the pen is simple. A slanted tip means you have to hold the pen at a slight angle. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive one right away, get this stylus.

2. Edivia Electronic Stylus Pen

A cheaper stylus you can buy for the Chromebook Duet is the one from Edivia. The highlight of this pen is the lightweight form factor that makes it light and easy to hold like a fountain pen. It is an Active stylus, This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of pairing it with your Chromebook. The best part is that it comes with USB-C charging.

Charging time is fast. It can be used for almost 20 hours on a full charge. For the record, It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge.

Unlike the picture above, there is no grip in the front. There is no clip at the end. This means you’ll need to have a stylus holder or flexible case to keep it at home when traveling.

That is, If you need a slim and affordable active pen store. You can check this out.

3. iPlume USI Stylus

Stylus by iPlume is another stylus suitable for Lenovo Chromebook Duet. It is a standard stylus and resembles a conventional pen due to the metal clip at the end. It has a long battery life and 4096 pressure levels; Small features like a sleek look and palm rejection technology are packed together.

The palm rejection feature lets you treat your Lenovo Chromebook Duet like a piece of paper. The touchscreen won’t register your palm impressions; This is a huge advantage. The tips are replaceable and the company ships an additional tip with the pen. But once you’re out of them, you’ll have to rely on third-party advisors.

The AAAA battery lasts a long time and the pen won’t die in the middle of your work. It’s not as popular as some of its peers on this list, though. It has garnered comparatively more positive reviews. People love its precision and smooth movement.

4. Penoval USI Stylus Pen

USI pens are becoming the norm for Chromebooks, and the Penoval USI stylus is one of the more popular options. This flexible pen has replaceable tips; It has many great features including different pressure levels and a modern design. The next thing is that you can put it in a regular bag in a shirt pocket.

Support for different pressure points makes it great for sketching and doodling. At the same time, This makes it great for making defaults for projects and assignments. In addition, A good tip translates to clear writing.

Until now, It has received rave reviews from Chromebook Duet owners. The screen recognizes the pen immediately and works as advertised. The Penoval USI pen does not have a rechargeable battery. Instead, It runs on AAAA batteries and last weeks of normal use on a single battery. The only catch is finding AAAA batteries in stores.

The good thing about this pen is that it comes with palm rejection technology and no schematics are registered. By nature, It makes writing on a Chromebook simple and easy.

5. MoKo USI Stylus Pen for Chromebook

The MoKo USI Stylus Pen is slightly more expensive than some of its peers and brings decent performance to the table. It’s a little bigger than the parts mentioned above, but it’s easier to grip. The pen makes writing simple and easy. Different precision points translate to better accuracy and writing.

It works as advertised and the Chromebook will recognize it as soon as you bring it near. In addition, No hassle to attach or detach. A built-in sleep feature means you won’t run out of battery even if you forget to turn it off.

As above, The MoKo USI stylus also runs on AAAA batteries. The MoKo USI stylus pen is a popular stylus on Amazon and users rave about its precision, They love the smooth scrolling and easy-to-grip nature. It’s easy to set up and great for editing and reading through PDFs and documents.

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The USI standard on most modern styluses means hassles like pairing and fixing can be foregone. Almost all new Chromebooks, including the Chromebook Duet, can easily detect USI pens. And from there it was a walk in the park.

So which of these styles should you buy?

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