5 Best Smart String Lights for Halloween and Christmas

With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll want to dress up your porch and driveway with colorful lights (and spooky decorations). However, Isn’t it a pain to manually turn on lights and LED strips? Fortunately, You can enable schedule lights to light up at specific times. For this, You need to get smart string lights. The best part is that you can use these lights for Halloween and Christmas.

The Best Smart String Lights for Halloween and Christmas

Intelligence means that you can control timing and colors. Most of these lights can cycle between a million colors. So you can display your Adams family yard decor in a shade of purple. A few months later, you can switch to a warm yellow for Christmas. Win-Win, right?

Therefore, Upgrade this holiday season with smart lights for Halloween and Christmas. But first,

1. Minetom smart fairy string lights

If you’re on a tight budget; Check out the Minetom string lights. These UL-certified lights have a timer, routine It offers features like grouping and song syncing. Next, you can set your porch to music; The lights will flash in sync with the tune. These are Bluetooth based string lights.

Minetom smart string lights are colorful and can be switched between different shades. The long length gives you plenty of room to decorate as you wish. The light comes with a physical remote. However, It’s more convenient to switch between different modes with the app.

The app is easy to use and works well. In addition, This allows you to experiment with different presets.

For the price, they work well. However, they are not the most rugged out there. But if you’re looking for smart string lights that will last this season; These should be on your list.

2. XMCOSY+ patio lights

XMCOSY+ Patio Lights are simple colored lights and are the one for you if you have a warm white theme this year. These lights are solidly built and easily visible rain and shine. Unlike the above, They don’t use Bluetooth. Instead, XMCOSY lights use the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Band to connect to your home network. They are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Alexa-support makes it incredibly easy to control them, especially through voice commands and routines. At the same time, you can add the standard length of these lights. Now you can connect up to 3 beams. Cool, yes?

These lights work as advertised and installation and setup are simple and easy. More importantly, the lights are bright. Another noteworthy feature is the helpful customer service. They are quick to respond to issues and queries.

Alternatively, you can check out the XMCOSY+ RGB Patio Lights.

3. HVS Smart Outdoor String Lights

HVS smart lights are slightly more expensive than the above components. Naturally, They bring some pretty handy features to the table. For one, They come with mounts that make installation easy. Second, you cycle between presets and colors in the app. They connect via Wi-Fi and the companion app has a simple interface.

The companion app is a bit limited, but it has a lot of built-in features. If you don’t mind playing with effects. You can enable one of the presets. Did we mention there are three music sync modes?

More importantly, HVS lights are IP65 rated, so you can safely place them on your porch and driveway. They also support connecting to a second line light. The best part is that the string behaves like one and you can control them from a single app.

Despite the hefty price tag, these smart string lights have climbed the popularity ladder. Users have praised its weatherproof nature and sturdy design.

4. Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights

Govee is a popular name in the smart light arena if you want customization options. Check out these outdoor smart lights. For one, They are IP65 rated; It brings great features like Wi-Fi control and Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. Second, you can choose the color for each bulb. now That’s something, isn’t it?

In addition to the above, You can turn Schedule on/off; You can play with smart settings like sleep etc. They can sync to music. The music syncing feature is one of the best of the lot and many users have praised the sync function.

The build quality in particular is strong and resistant to rain or cold. The original length is 96 feet, but if you have a slightly larger yard, you can connect up to 2 lengths.

These smart string lights are one of the most popular items, rated with over 1,500 user ratings. Users like its brightness, They love the remote control and easy installation process. The voice command feature is an added advantage.

5. Twinkly ropes

You need to check out Twinkly string lights to step up your Christmas game. Custom patterns can be created with these lights. Patterns (also known as mapping) with Christmas trees. It can be controlled through its app, which packs a lot of customization options, including setting modes. It is weatherproof and has an IP44 rating.

Mapping is no doubt interesting, but mapping colors from your phone app to a tree takes patience and time. on the upper side There are endless options for creating custom maps.

These unique lights have received overwhelmingly positive ratings from their user base for their bright bulbs and durable construction. However, They are on the expensive side. However, the holiday season comes only once a year.

Give me light.

It goes without saying that smart lights make it easy to schedule time and set light and color. Voice commands are the cherry on top.

Another smart solution is to use a series of bright LED lights (see Daybetter Smart Wi-Fi LED lights) These throw a stronger color on the walls and are easy to stick to. yes You can control them via voice commands or an app.

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