5 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs Compatible with Alexa

For non-smart devices on your decks and gardens; It’s always a good idea to buy external smart plugs. With these smart plugs, You can control connected devices from an app. If you have an Amazon Alexa-based smart home, Alexa-compatible third-party smart plugs can be used to issue voice commands; Grouping smart plugs together makes it easier to create smart routines.

The best Alexa-compatible outdoor smart plugs

Therefore, your deck lights, Make outdoor string lights and garden fountains smarter and control them with voice commands; Here are our recommendations for the best outdoor smart plugs that work with Alexa. But first,

1. Geeni Indoor/Outdoor Smart Plug

IP rating: N/A | No. of outlets: 1

If you are looking for a simple popcorn smart power outlet. Geeni smart plug is the one for you. It comes with a weatherproof design (although the manufacturers don’t specify an IP rating) and you can control your non-smart deck lights or outdoor aquarium via this plug. It has a simple design and has a power button and outlet to drain water when not in use.

It comes with a companion app to set everything up. After that, You just need to connect it to the Alexa app and it connects easily. You can control it using voice commands or the Alexa app. Until now, It has received many positive reviews, with users praising its easy-to-install and weatherproof design.

Why should you buy it?: Affordable and durable.

2. Syantek external Wi-Fi outlet

IP rating: N/A | No. of outlets: 3

The Syantek Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet is one of the cheaper outdoor smart plugs you can buy. It is weatherproof and has three outlets. Three outlets allow you to connect your devices to your string lights, Whether it’s fountains or other garden equipment, it offers the flexibility to easily set up. Setting up the app and subsequent connection to the Alexa app is simple, and many users note this in their reviews on Amazon.

The outlets are pointed outwards, giving you enough room to plug in your favorite device. It has a sturdy construction and a durable design that ensures it’s one that will last you a long time.

The only limitation is that the outlets are not independent. Therefore, if one of the outlets is closed, the other two will work. The same goes for schedules and routines. But for the price, the idea of ​​a smart outdoor plug that works flawlessly is great. Note that it only works on a 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi network. So if your home has an integrated mesh network, setting up this smart home device may be difficult.

It works as intended and Alexa compatibility is flawless. It is relevant and reliable.

Alternatively, you can check out the BN-Link Smart Outdoor Outlet. It has a similar design to the one above and is in the same price bracket.

Why should you buy it? Affordable and durable.

3. Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

IP rating: IP64 | No. of outlets: 2

The Kasa plug is probably one of the earliest smart outdoor plugs and has gained its share of popularity from its user base because of this. It has a weatherproof exterior; All the bells and whistles are assembled on top of the sockets, like hinges and sturdy, durable construction.

However, The feature that sets it apart from the one above is the individual outlets. Outlets can be controlled individually via the app or Alexa voice commands. You can assign different names to buttons and give voice commands through the Alexa app. It makes it very simple to control your external gadgets or create a schedule or a group.

It’s connected to Wi-Fi and that’s a big plus. However, if you only use one of the ports; Make a point to cover the outlet with a flap. In addition, Note that the manufacturers do not state any IP rating for this device.

As above, It only works on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band.

Why should you buy it? Individual control of outlets

4. Amazon Basics Outdoor Smart Plug

IP rating: IP65 | No. of outlets: 5

Amazon Basics products are known for integrating directly with Alexa, and this smart outdoor plug is no different. This feature eliminates the hassle of connecting it to Wi-Fi via the companion app and then linking it to the Alexa app. By nature, This eases the setup and installation process. The IP65 rating provides a degree of resistance to water damage.

Interestingly, The Amazon Basics outdoor smart plug has a think casing and sturdy construction, the same as the cable. It has two lights at the top that show the connection status. Plugs can be covered with dust when not in use.

It works as advertised and can control both outlets individually. Alexa integration lets you create groups; You can create routines and schedules or control them directly via voice commands.

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use smart outdoor plug; You can’t go wrong with Amazon Basics.

Why should you buy it?: Direct integration with the Alexa app.

5. mross external Wi-Fi outlet

IP rating: IP44 | No. of outlets: 3

The cool Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet brings the best of both worlds. Not only does it have three outlets, but all outlets can be controlled individually. This combination gives you room to connect up to three devices. At the same time, You can create your own custom groups and routines.

IP44 rated and can take its share of splashes. However, It is not waterproof; It is recommended to install it in a shady place where it will not get wet.

That is, It works as intended with Amazon Alexa; The installation process is also not difficult. It is a popular product on amazon and has over 1,000 user ratings, most of which are positive.

Why should you buy it? Three separate outlets

Make your garden smart!

When it comes to outdoor smart plugs, you must check the location and IP rating of the product. If you are looking for a product that is fully waterproof; It’s best to stick with IP65 products like the product from Amazon Basics. However, If you plan to install the outlet on your deck or patio; Something like the meross Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet is the perfect choice.

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