5 Best Laptop Bags with Trolley Sleeves and Straps

If you travel frequently for work and have a heavy laptop, a briefcase with a ring/strap is not a good buy. Trolley sleeves or straps are simple pieces of fabric or soft fabric on the back of your laptop bag that allow you to slide your bag over a trolley (or carry-on) luggage handle. That way, you don’t have to carry a heavy laptop bag over your shoulder. It’s clever, isn’t it?

Best laptop bags with trolley sleeves and straps

In this post, We’ve compiled a list of the best laptop bags with trolley sleeves and straps.

Let’s check them out. But first,

1. Solo New York briefcase

The Solo New York briefcase for laptops is probably one of the more affordable laptop bags with a trolley sleeve. It’s not stylish, but roomy pockets, Features pocket straps and smooth zippers. Many users praise its storage. More importantly, you can carry your laptop and tablet in this bag.

In addition, charging cables, phones, Items like mice etc. can be carried and the front compartment is cleverly designed to keep these things in mind. Internal pockets protect the tablet and laptop from drops and falls.

It is comfortable to use and the padded straps make it comfortable. The handles can be used to carry this bag if needed.

The trolley ring has a simple place to slide the handles of your suitcase down. It produces a sleek and professional look. In addition, The build quality and stitching ensure your laptop stays safe even when you’re rushing to the airport.

2. Vankean Laptop briefcase

Vankean laptop briefcase is a suitable choice if you have a large laptop. It’s a heavy-duty laptop bag that can fit laptops up to 17.3-inches. Weatherproof and waterproof. Plus, the added room means adding another laptop to the equation. It comes with an extender that increases the width by about 2-inches.

Vankean laptop bag has 4 compartments. phones, charging cables; rats, They are big enough to hold many laptop accessories and stationery, be it power banks or bottles. The zippers are smooth and easily withstand the test of time.

The durable and sturdy construction has earned rave reviews from its user base. As mentioned above, the material is weather resistant. When you get caught in the rain, the bag protects the interior from water damage until the shade.

This is a popular laptop bag with trolley sleeve and has been rated over 800 user ratings. People love it because of its insane storage capacity and affordable price. Note that there are no rubber feet on the bottom. Be careful when placing the bag on the floor.

If you want a bag that can take on the world, buy this one (and leave more). OK, I am exaggerating; But you get it.

3. Kasqo Laptop Tote Bag for Women

A handbag with a briefcase and trolley case is rare. The Kasqo laptop bag stands out from the rest with these two beautiful additions. The laptop compartment is hollow and the bottom of the bag is thick. It protects the laptop (or tablet) and makes the bag stand on its own when needed.

For its size, This bag is spacious and can hold books, Easily holds stationery and wallets. The stroller strap is wide and holds strollers well. The only downside is that the carrying straps are thin. So when you have to carry the bag on your shoulder, Unfastened straps can dig into your shoulders.

It’s waterproof and has bells and whistles like an outside pocket for phone and bills.

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Bag

If you’re looking for a feminine laptop bag, check out the Chelsea laptop bag from Kenneth Cole. It is a small backpack and is especially suitable for those who want to travel. The bag is stylish and comes with double gold zippers and black hardware. Like the bags mentioned above, This bag has plenty of storage and is perfect for travel.

The exterior is a waterproof exterior. Padded interior keeps your laptop and tablet safe and out of harm’s way. The stroller case is well built and durable. The same goes for shoulder straps.

This Kenneth Cole Reaction Women Chelsea bag is popular on Amazon and has received positive reviews from its user base. People love its storage capacity and stylish look. However, despite the high price, the zippers are weak and tend to pull out of the fabric in the long run. If you are looking for a bag for everyday use, you can skip this bag.

Alternatively, you can check out the Matein Extra Large Backpack. It is in the same price bracket. It has larger capacity and solid construction. It’s durable and even distributes weight, making it travel-friendly.

5. Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack 2.0

If price isn’t a concern and you want a stylish unisex bag, you can’t go wrong with the Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack 2.0. It has smooth zippers, It carries bells and whistles like a vented back panel and a separate tablet pocket. There are four private rooms.

Separate compartments allow you to easily organize your belongings, including your laptop and tablet. The best is boarding passes, The front pockets can be used to hold easily accessible items such as passports, wallets, etc. As noted earlier, the zippers move smoothly and you should have no problem accessing what’s inside.

The Timbuk2 Q laptop backpack comes with shoulder straps. Compared to the above, the strap is thickly packed, making it easy to carry even when the bag is fully loaded. The air vents on the back are the cherry on top.

Users have good things to say about this laptop bag with trolley sleeve. The ring is easy to use and has little extension to slide over the handle of your stroller. If you want a premium and durable laptop bag and don’t want to use it a bit. You can’t go wrong with this Timbuk2 laptop bag.

That’s when my shoulder hurts.

Laptop bags can go from zero to 50 pounds in a flash. Walking through long airport lines can make such laptop bags difficult. A trolley case in a suitcase saves you the trouble.

So which laptop bag should you buy?

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