5 Best Budget 360 Cameras Under $500

360 cameras give you a new perspective on the content you shoot. while traveling Whether it’s riding a bike or not. Whether hiking to the top of Mt. 360 degree camera can record everything around you. 360 cameras were relatively new a few years ago. They have become more popular recently and are therefore more affordable.

Best budget 360 camera

If you want to start your vlogging journey by documenting yourself and your surroundings; We’ve compiled a list of the best budget 360 cameras under $500. Location You can also use these cameras to support something like a building or construction site.

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1. Kodak Orbit360

Contact lenses: Dual | Decision: 4K | screen: For modes only

If you’re on a tight budget, the Kodak Orbit360 is one of the most affordable 360 ​​cameras out there. This should be your default choice. I like it especially because it’s so small that you can carry it in your pocket or even in the palm of your hand.

360 cameras are generally small and compact, but the Kodak OrBit 360 takes it to the next level with its compact body. The camera is a small cube with two lenses on each side. It can record up to 4K 360 videos that can be viewed in VR. This makes it one of the best 360 VR cameras in this segment. There is also a special wide mode and a dome mode for different effects.

Depending on your usage, the camera can be used with mounts and tripods. It’s a great 360 camera for beginners, but it has its set of drawbacks.

For starters, The camera has no screen to view the feed. You only get a tiny 1-inch screen for settings. Then there’s the fact that the camera doesn’t perform well in low-light situations, according to reviews. It’s a little complicated to do at first, but you should get used to it over time.

A big advantage of getting this camera is that you get a lot of accessories in the box, from a tripod to multiple mounts for various uses. It can also be splashed, but don’t put it in a swimming pool.

2. Vecnos IQUI ZTQ01

Contact lenses: Square | Decision: 2K | screen: Nil

The 360 ​​camera from Vecnos has a unique design that you may either love or hate. Unlike most 360 cameras that are small and portable, It opts for a long handle that allows you to easily hold the camera while shooting without the need for a tripod.

The Vecnos IQUI ZTQ01 is the most unique 360 ​​camera on this list. It has an elongated design, something vloggers and travelers alike will love. It’s slim and fits in your pocket or backpack like a pen. Unlike most 360 cameras that have 2 lenses; It has 4 covering a cylindrical surface. Videos can be recorded up to 2K resolution.

However, according to reviews, this camera is not good for videos. Videos only get worse when it’s dark, soft and with little detail. So if you plan to shoot more videos than photos, Would not recommend this camera.

The design makes it great for things like group selfies, but you’ll only get it for that purpose. There is no display onboard and some users may find it difficult to follow the instructions.

3. Ricoh Theta SC2

Contact lenses: Dual | Decision: 4K | screen: For modes only

While the Ricoh Thera SC2 is a bit pricey compared to previous products, we’re starting to see a significant improvement in quality. You get two lenses that can shoot in 4K along with a dedicated Night mode for shooting in the dark. It is available in 4 different color options.

This Rico 360 camera is a great choice for use in construction sites or real estate. Many users have reported using it for 3D home tour projects and interior designing and it worked well for them. It is very compact and comes with a nice carrying case to protect the camera. The lenses bulge a bit, so this extra protection is nice.

There are two downsides to this product though. It’s not a big deal, but you should be aware of them. The first one is that the HDR on the camera doesn’t seem to work. If there is a bright sky or light coming from the window, the light will be scattered. Another problem is if you have an iPhone. The app often disconnects from the camera, so it’s a responsibility to reconnect it again. If you have an Android device, you won’t face this problem.

If you can stretch your budget a bit, this should be a great starter 360-degree camera for most people.

4. Insta360 X3

Contact lenses: Dual | Decision: 5.7K | screen– Touch screen with live feed

It was one of the best 360 cameras of its era. The picture quality and the plethora of features it comes with make it totally worth it. If you don’t want 360 photos or videos, you can use this camera to shoot from a single lens. If you want a professional 360 camera, get it.

The Insta360 X2 is already one of the best 360 cameras out there. But the upgraded X3 model takes it up a notch. You get two 1/2-inch sensors with 48MP resolution. You can shoot videos up to 5.7K with these lenses, which is pretty impressive. You’ll also get a large screen on the camera with a live feed of what you’re shooting. This is useful when you are vlogging.

This camera has 8K timelapse, 72MP photo mode; Packed with useful features like FlowState stabilization and 360 horizon lock. There’s a neat little trick that hides the selfie stick in video, so the camera appears to be floating in the air while recording. It’s pretty cool. The camera is waterproof so you can take it underwater without hesitation.

At first it may be a bit difficult to understand all the features, but you should get used to the camera over time. If you’re serious about creating professional content to share, You can’t go wrong with the Insta360 X3. oh Did we mention it’s recorded at 60fps for a smooth look?

5. GoPro MAX

Contact lenses: Dual | Decision: 5.6K | screen– Touch screen with live feed

GoPro is one of the most popular brands when it comes to action cameras. However, This was their attempt at creating 360 cameras and they pretty much replicated their success here as well. The GoPro Max is a waterproof 360-degree camera that can record videos at 5.6K resolution. It can also be used for streaming in 1080p.

The GoPro Max goes head-to-head with the Insta360 X3 in terms of features and price. While both cameras shoot at the same resolution, the Insta360 X3 beats the GoPro Max in terms of frame rate. The GoPro Max can only record at 30fps, while the X3 can go up to 60Hz. You get a screen on this camera to view the live feed.

Like the Insta360 X3, If you want a traditional GoPro look, you can use this camera with a single lens. You don’t get many features in this camera, but good stability, stereo sound; There are some important things like Horizon Leveling for TimeWarp etc. You can also use this camera to stream in 1080p, which is an advantage over the Insta360 X3.

In terms of size, the GoPro Max is slightly larger and heavier. If you’re spending close to $500, I recommend getting the Insta360 X3. But if you’re invested in the GoPro ecosystem and want streaming functionality. GoPro Max should be your choice.

Capture your entire environment.

A 360 camera can make your moments more enjoyable to watch later. Pair the footage with a VR headset and relive your memories with a 360-degree view.

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