4 Best Security Cameras for Apartments

Security cameras are one of the best ways to keep a tab on your home. But not all security cameras are the same. Some come with an easy installation process, while others require hardwiring cables and cameras. If you live in an apartment, the latter is not easy. Much obliged, Few security cameras for apartments come with an easy installation process.

The best security cameras for apartments

The best part is that they are also easy to remove. So even if you move to a new place, You can take these security cameras and reinstall them.

So if you’re planning to upgrade your home’s security, Here are our recommendations for the best security cameras for apartments. Let’s see. Zaw Ji

1. Nooie 360 ​​Cam

  • Decision: 1080P HD | Wired.: Yes
  • size: 3.07 x 3.07 x 4.9 inches
  • Features– activity tracking; two-way audio; 24 x 7 live streaming and voice detection with real-time motion

The Nooie 360 ​​Cam is for you if you want to keep things simple and within budget. It’s less than $50. In terms of price, It has a nice set of features. For one, 1080p resolution is sharp. You can zoom in on the image on your phone. More importantly, It’s a 360-degree camera that lets you save video recordings locally.

This security camera offers image quality at a reasonable price. Exposure is suitable for indoors. Also, you can zoom in on the image. However, you may lose image quality when doing so. Nevertheless, Videos are sharp for the price, with real night vision.

As its name suggests, It is a 360 degree camera. You can rotate the camera through the phone app to look around the room. Default VoF is 110 degrees. At the same time, The camera can tilt its neck up to 94 degrees. Finally, it’s lightweight. You can place it around your home if you have an easily accessible power outlet.

It connects to a 2.4GHz network, and if you have an integrated 5GHz network (common with most mesh Wi-Fi systems), you may have trouble connecting. Speaking of connectivity, it has one of the easiest setup processes and many users recounted the easy setup in their reviews.

Nooie 360 ​​Cam is one of the most affordable security cameras for apartments. Perfect for keeping digital eyes on pets. Users love it for its image quality and affordable price. All the cherries on top can be turned. In addition to the above, It’s two-way audio; motion tracking; Packed with neat features like motion detection and voice detection.

2. Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera

  • Decision: 1080P HD | Wired.: Yes
  • size: .0 x 1.9 x 4.5 inches
  • Features– image-based motion detection; two-way audio; Automatic email alerts and privacy shutter.

The Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera beats the above in terms of price and features. If you want to give your indoor security camera rich and detailed video (something the Nooie 360 ​​Cam lacks) and smart controls, you can consider this one. This Arlo camera supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Secondly, It provides detailed video that lets you see clearly inside your home via a companion app.

In addition, It compiles a secret shutdown feature that you can turn off when you’re at home. The design is simple. The flexible design means you can store it wherever you choose. As mentioned above, Care must be taken to keep the cable near the power outlet for easy routing.

As mentioned earlier, It delivers detailed HD video streaming to your phone. The best part is that it can distinguish between a person and an animal and correct you as it happens. Unfortunately, This Arlo security camera does not have offline storage. Instead, It stores everything in the cloud. This translates into a subscription fee. For the first three months, You pay $2.99 ​​per month for the Arlo Secure plan; Then you can check the recorded videos on the cloud.

3. Keep indoor camera blinking.

  • Decision: 1080P HD | Wired.: No, Two AA lithium batteries
  • size: 2.8 x 2.8. x 1.2 inches
  • Features– HD streaming; two-way audio; Custom motion detection and privacy zones.

Blink Indoor Camera brings the best of both worlds. This wireless FHD security camera is not only affordable compared to some of its peers; It brings local and cloud storage options to the table. Cool, yes? If you don’t want to spend a lot of extra money, you can connect a USB hub or a simple USB drive to record videos. As you might have guessed, this Blink camera works with Amazon Alexa (and IFTTT).

The wireless option means you can put it anywhere without worrying about connectivity. It runs on two AA batteries and you can see the kit last for two years. of course, A lot depends on how many motion sensors are triggered. The good thing is that motion sensors are very reliable and capture alerts and warnings whenever any movement is detected.

1080p video is sharp and vivid. The folks at PC Mag think the video has a good mix of color and contrast. At the same time, nighttime videos come out well lit. This is a huge advantage, especially if you take short trips every now and then and want to monitor your home at any time.

Blink indoor camera is not unlimited. Unlike the apartment security cameras mentioned above; It’s standalone and requires a Wi-Fi hub (included in the box) to connect to your home Wi-Fi. Much obliged, The Sync Module hub is very funny and unnoticeable. If you put it within good Wi-Fi range, it should be clear.

Blink Indoor is a popular security camera for apartments with over 20,000 user ratings. People praised its battery life and picture quality. The easy-to-install feature is the cherry on top.

If you’re looking for a wireless security camera that’s a bit more expensive than the cameras listed above, but can be easily removed. This is the type you should buy.

4. Nest Cam (wired, internal)

  • Decision: 1080P HD | Wired.: Yes
  • size: 3.88 x 2.52 x 2.24 inches
  • Features– movement; human, vehicles, animal warnings; familiar face alerts; Up to 3 hours of event video recording; and 2-way audio with noise cancellation.

Another great security camera for apartments is the Google Nest Cam. If you have a smart home that focuses on Google Home, this is for you. Don’t let the wired feature deter you from purchasing this security camera; Because it brings a lot of features to the table. One of the best features is the people; It is a built-in object identification that can distinguish between animals and vehicles.

The affordable price (for an indoor security camera) means it’s easily available for your apartment. Setup is easy and simple, and the built-in Google algorithm tracks activity. to check notifications; It makes it easy to set up activity zones and recognize a familiar face with a dedicated device. Not every security camera is what you get.

As you’d expect, this Google Nest camera produces impressive 1080p footage. Both daytime videos are sharp and detailed. No distortion, Daytime videos have every color index.

Finally, The camera is so cute that you can easily place it in your living room and not worry about your thumb getting sore. No onboard storage. In the original program, You have about 30 minutes to review the recorded videos on your phone. However, if you subscribe to a paid plan. You get the advantages of familiar face recognition and 4 days of recorded videos.

In short, if you want an intelligent security camera, you know what to do.

Want to cut the cord? Check out the wireless Google Nest camera.

Keep Digital Eye.

These are some of the affordable home security cameras you can get for your apartment. The best part about these is the very easy installation process and portability. So even if you’re crossing states and cities, all you have to do is pack them in with the rest of your electronics.

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