4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 greatly improves on its predecessor, offering a powerful package in a compact form factor. The screen size is slightly smaller than previous years, which makes the phone more comfortable. But the screen protector is the same. Since it has a glass screen, it is easy to get scratched and cracked, so you need to protect the screen.

The best Pixel 7 screen protectors

The Pixel 7 has a flat screen, which makes it easy to find a good tempered glass screen protector to protect the screen from scratches. Although there are many options; We’ve put together a list of the best Pixel 7 screen protectors you can buy to protect your new phone.

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Now let’s move on to screen protectors.

1. IQ Shield screen protection film

Here’s a PET film screen protector to start the list. It is a thin film screen protector that needs to be applied with the help of a liquid. It covers the entire surface of the Pixel 7 from edge to edge, protecting it from scratches. It’s just a thin layer of plastic, so it’s not the best choice for drop protection.

Plastic screen protectors like this are ideal for users who don’t like adding extra bulk or weight to their smartphones. The downside to this is that you won’t get any protection for the screen if you drop your phone. It will protect your screen from scratches and even give you self-healing abilities.

As it is a liquid-based sunscreen, the application process is a bit complicated. This is a major complaint from users who have purchased these types of screen protectors in the past. If you use a rugged case and want a thin screen protector for your Pixel 7, You may consider getting this.

IQ Shield offers a lifetime warranty on its products, but I haven’t tested it personally, so if something goes wrong with your screen protector, try contacting them. Also, let us know how your experience was in the comments.

2. IMBZBK screen and camera protectors

Why protect the screen when you can protect the cameras on the back too? This combo pack from IMBZBK not only gives you 4 screen protectors for the Pixel 7, but also includes 4 camera shields for the new rear camera visor.

There are brands like IMBZBK that charge you exorbitant prices for a screen protector. Gets you 4 screen protectors and 1 camera case for the price of 1. These tempered glass screen protectors for Pixel 7 are capable of protecting your phone’s display. Both scratches and cracks. The camera lens protector is also made of glass.

With a screen protector. The package also comes with a calibration frame to help with the application process. If you’re not planning on getting a case for your Pixel 7, A camera protector will definitely come in handy to prevent the lenses from getting scratched.

However, the two downsides you will experience with this product are the poor oleophobic coating and the glass not bending over the edges. So there is no smoothness when swiping.

3. Caseology Snap Fit Tempered Glass

Now we’ve moved on to the slightly more premium Pixel 7 screen protectors. This one from Caesology is a very thin and flexible glass that is easy to apply with the tray included in the package. It covers the entire front of the Pixel 7 with no separate cutout for the front camera.

Caseology solves two of the problems we mentioned with the previous screen protector. The tempered glass is slightly curved on the edges, making it smooth for fingers to swipe. The oleophobic coating provides a great touch experience without a screen protector.

Caseology is simple enough to include an application tray in the box that you can use to remove the screen protector if you want to replace it. As for replacement, you get 2 screen protectors in the box so if one breaks. You always have a backup ready. It is also compatible with most cases as there is little gap between the edges of the phone and the tempered glass.

4. Spigen GlasTR AlignMaster

This is one of the best screen protectors for Google Pixel 7 because it is made in direct partnership with Google. As a result, Spigen has the best compatibility with the popular quality. It’s a bit more expensive than other options, but you’re paying for a better overall experience.

Spigen has partnered with Google for this tempered glass for the Pixel 7, making it a great choice if you want a screen protector that matches your phone perfectly. The rest of the package is pretty similar to what you get with the Caseology protector. True to its name, You get an adjustment tray in the box to help you apply the tempered glass correctly.

There’s no cutout for the camera here, but the glass is completely clear, so that shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll find some space on the edges to accommodate the case. However, The edges are actually slightly curved, so they don’t feel sharp when using the phone. In general, This is the best Pixel 7 screen protector in our opinion. oh Did we mention you get 2 in the box?

Keep your Pixel 7 scratch-free.

No one wants to end up with a scratched or cracked surface, right? If it is done, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair it. Instead, Just pick one of these Pixel 7 screen protectors and your screen will stay in pristine condition.

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