4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 7 Pro is Google’s latest flagship and it has the best internals and display. The display is a curved panel like last year, which is attractive but fragile at the same time. Curved screens are also harder to protect because most screen protectors don’t adhere well.

Best screen protectors for Pixel 7 Pro

However, there are some ways to protect the screen of your Pixel 7 Pro. A traditional screen protector may not be an option, but PET films, You can even find cases with UV glasses and screen protectors. We’re committed to protecting your phone, so here’s a list of the best screen protectors for the Pixel 7 Pro that actually work.

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Let’s protect the screen of your Pixel 7 Pro now.

1. Spigen NeoFlex Google Certified Screen Protector

Spigen has partnered with Google to make the NeoFlex screen protector the only Pixel 7 Pro-certified screen protector you can buy. It’s PET film and won’t protect your screen from shattering when dropped, but it will prevent scratches.

Given the curved nature of the display on the Pixel 7 Pro, Spigen’s screen protector is not available for the device. However, The NeoFlex plastic film covers the entire front of the Pixel 7 Pro and protects the screen from scratches. It also has self-healing properties. Therefore, The screen protector is scratched though. It will be back to normal in no time—right? You can only hope.

However, The Spigen Pixel 7 Pro screen protector is not easy to use, which is its biggest weakness. This is a liquid-based application if you have no previous experience using these types of screen protectors. But since you get two in the package, if you mess up the first one. You always have a backup.

If you frequently drop your phone; The screen protector doesn’t offer any drop protection on its own, so pairing it with a cover is recommended.

2. Ringke Dual Easy film

Another plastic film screen protector for the Pixel 7 Pro. The Ringke Dual Easy Film is made of the same material as the Spigen one, but has a simpler application process. Thanks to Ringke’s clever application technology, you still don’t get splash protection, but at least you don’t end up with dust under the screen protector.

Spigen screen protector cleaning, A lot of spraying and manual adjustment is required, but Ringke Dual Easy Film makes the process — you guessed it — easy. You get an application guide in the box with the 2-layer film. The first layer automatically picks up all the dust particles from the screen and the second layer sticks it to the surface.

Like the Spigen protector, This is also a thin film and offers no protection from drops. Keep away from keys and coins as they are also easy to scratch. What’s more, you get 2 in the pack, so if you accumulate too many scratches, you can exchange for a second pack. Note that these PET films are not very durable and tend to flake off at the edges after a few months, especially with rough use.

3. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case with Screen Protector

If you frequently drop your phone; You might be looking for the best protection for your Pixel 7 Pro. In that case, We recommend getting the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro. Although this is an essential case, It has an in-built screen protector that provides 360 degree protection for your phone.

Supcase is known for making some of the most protective cases on the market. This is because most of their cases have built-in screen protectors. Since the Pixel 7 Pro’s screen is curved, it’s hard to find a screen protector that actually protects the screen from shattering. A case with an integrated screen protector seems like the best option.

This Pixel 7 Pro case with screen protector adds a lot of bulk to your phone, which is one of its biggest weaknesses. If you have a thin case or want to use a clear case to display your phone. We do not recommend this product. Instead, Consider getting the next product on this list, which is a UV-activated tempered glass screen protector.

4. IMBZBK UV Glass

The only way you can get a decent Pixel 7 Pro tempered glass screen protector is by using a UV-activated one like this one from IMBZBK. After placing the glass in it, the glass is cured with UV light using a liquid-based adhesive that needs to be applied to the surface of the phone first. If you want to get through the crisis, protection is worth it.

UV-based tempered glasses are quite similar to regular tempered glass screen protectors in terms of protection. The only difference is in the rather complicated application process in this case. You can get a perfect setup or go horribly wrong with sticky glue on your phone and hands.

The good thing is that the label probably knows you’re annoying. So they give you 3 glasses in the box so there can be mistakes. As for the protection itself; It also curves along the edges like the Pixel 7 Pro’s display, and works with an in-display fingerprint reader. Made of glass, it also protects against falls.

Along with 3 screen protectors. You also get 3 camera protectors in the package which is always a bonus. If you want to patiently go through the application process, This UV glass is sure to provide the best protection while maintaining the original look and feel. I would recommend that over the plastics I mentioned earlier.

Keep your display scratch-free.

A scratched or cracked screen can ruin the viewing experience on any phone. So the best way to protect it is to use a screen protector. You can get these screen protectors for Pixel 7 Pro to keep your screen protected even when it comes in contact with a hard surface.

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