4 Best Number Keys for Apple MacBooks

On your Apple MacBook; Number keys aren’t much help when working on spreadsheets or entering lots of numbers. It’s a pain to reach over your keyboard to key in numbers. You can buy a full keyboard, but it might not be worth it. If you use the number keys frequently, It’s a good idea to buy a dedicated numeric keypad.


These are compact keyboards, packing only number keys with a clear key. The compact nature makes it easy to keep them near your MacBook.

So if you’re tired of skipping the keyboard for numbers. Here are some number keyboards for Apple MacBooks that you can buy.

Let’s check them out. But first,

1. iHome Numeric Keypad for Apple Mac

The iHome Numeric Keypad is probably one of the inexpensive keyboards that works brilliantly with Apple MacBooks. It is a simple wired USB device that works with simple plug & play. It’s a precision button, unlike some. It has no other keys.

The USB cable is long and flexible enough to connect to your Mac. The only catch is that if you have newer MacBooks, you’ll have to buy a USB hub.

It works as intended and many MacBook users have noted this in their reviews. It’s not made of aluminum, but it’s durable. And the affordable price is the cherry on top. If you want a reliable keyboard that won’t repeat or miss numbers. It’s a button you should buy.

2. Macally Bluetooth Number Pad for Laptop

Macally Number pad for laptops is made for modern MacBooks. It has Bluetooth, It has a rechargeable battery and some extra buttons (shortcut keys and arrow keys). In addition, The aluminum design of this keyboard complements the new Macbooks. However, it is a bit expensive.

It works well with both old and new MacBook models. Scissor-key switches ensure familiarity between the keys on this keyboard and the keys on your MacBook.

The 300mAh battery in this keyboard can see you through a month on a single charge. But it will depend a lot on your usage. Pairing the keyboard is simple and easy, and many users have pointed this out in their reviews.

Although the Macally keypad lets you enter numbers and streamline your Excel (or Google Sheets) work. Some users have pointed out that it often repeats numbers.

3. HoRiMe bluetooth numeric keypad

Another numeric keypad for Apple MacBooks is the one from HoRiMe. Unlike the above, It lets you type easily without worrying about missing or repeating keystrokes. This is a huge advantage, especially if you work in the financial sector. It’s a wireless keyboard with a rechargeable battery, and you can recharge it via a USB-C cable.

The keys are responsive and don’t make much noise while typing. It has hotkeys and arrow keys (in addition to number keys) Hotkeys are not compatible with macOS. now That’s cool.

Pairing this keyboard is easy and simple. It has an LED indicator to indicate the connection status. In addition, waking up from sleep is instantaneous. However, battery life isn’t its strongest suit. Much obliged, Fast to recharge.

If you want a reliable but wireless keyboard (that works without hotkeys); You can’t go wrong with this.

4. Lekvey Wireless Numeric Keypad

The Lekvey keyboard is perhaps one of the most popular peripherals for MacBook users. Looks similar to HoRiMe. However, This one has a longer battery life and this feature has received positive reviews from its user base.

Apart from that, the Lekvey keyboard has an aluminum look and looks very similar to the MacBook keyboard. The only problem is that the color is not an exact match.

Regardless, it has solid performance and works as advertised. The keys are silent and provide tactile feedback when pressed. However, As above, Some shortcut keys do not work on macOS systems. The good news is that one of the users reported that bypassing the Search button opens the search bar on Mac.

Play with the numbers.

These are the numeric keypads you can buy for your MacBooks. If you want to keep things simple, get the iHome keyboard. However, if you want a wireless experience, the Lekvey keyboard is your best bet.

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