4 Best Closet Door Light Switches You Can Buy!

Searching for clothes or documents in a dark closet or closet can be annoying. The closed design of most wardrobes means that even when there is plenty of light outside, more light is still needed to avoid wasting the wrong clothes. Much obliged, Closet door light switches come to the rescue in situations like this.

Best Closet Door Light Switches

These gate devices act as a switch between the mains power and the light source (LED strip or bulb). When the door is pressed, the switch remains open, cutting off the power supply.

This saves energy and makes it difficult to turn off lights manually. That is, Mains power to the lamps in the cabinet is required for these switches to function properly.

So if you’re looking for a way to automatically light up your closet or closet, Here are the best closet door light switches you can buy. But first,

1. Takhrwod Cabinet Door Switch

Takhrwod’s cabinet light switches are one of the more expensive devices on this list. They are simple on/off switches and work on both AC power and DC power lights. It can be used in both LED lamps and conventional lamps. The way it works is simple: the light will turn off when the switch is on. It is 12V, Works on both 24V and 110V.

Takhrwod delivers 4 buttons in one package and for the price; It’s a pretty sweet deal. The company supplies the necessary screws and push buttons. It’s easy to install and wire, and many users note this in their reviews. Note that the button works best when the button is pressed only about 3mm; So you have to adjust the placement of the buttons. Also, you can easily press the buttons.

It is popular on Amazon and users love it for its value-for-money proposition and easy installation process.

2. Helunsi Wardrobe Door Lamp Switch

Helunsi sells a pack of two cabinet door light switches for almost the same price. The design is almost the same except for the push-button which is shaped like a disc. Much obliged, The way it works is similar—the light turns on when the button is released. It is a wooden wardrobe door; It works on any type of door, whether it’s a metal closet door or a glass closet door.

The Helunsi light switch is white, like the above components, and it should blend in seamlessly with the cabinets and closets. It works on 110V and 250V. This means you can easily connect most low-power LED lights and lamps.

These slim switches are made of quality material and work flawlessly with the cabinet LED lights.

3. lkelyonewy Closet Electric Light Switches

If you have a lot of cabinets and closets to light, lkelyonewy switches are your best bet. The company has sent 6 light switches along with screws and push buttons. They are almost in the same price bracket, making them an interesting deal. They run over 250V AC lines and can connect LED lights. Make sure the light’s capacity is within the 250W specification.

Again, Working with these buttons is simple. Many users point out that wiring and subsequent installation is time and effort-intensive. The only limitation is that the small form factor makes it a bit challenging to place the wires.

Users love that it works as advertised. Unlike the above, they are available in black and white and will complement your wardrobe. You can choose the knobs according to the color of the kitchen doors and cupboards.

4. Litver Door Light Switch

Litever light switches are slightly different from the above. Unlike the above, They don’t pair the switch buttons. Instead, it has a motion sensor to detect when the door is closed and opened. A bit more expensive than the ones mentioned above, but if you want a modern piece of equipment, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The device has two wires—input and output—and must be properly connected. At the same time, You have to make sure that the wire plugs match the wires in your lamp or lamps. For the record, It works over 12V DC and 24V DC lines.

The only restriction is that the door must be wooden. The sensor does not work with glass doors or metal doors. When connected correctly, they work as expected and are said to provide the necessary power to the lights. The placement must be exact as shown in the pictures above. In this case, The sensor should not be 2 cm from the door.

Despite the high price, It has received positive reviews from its user base. Users love its durability and easy installation process.


These are the best closet door light switches you can buy. There are many options in the form of rechargeable cabinet lights or cabinet lights with motion sensors, but this old-fashioned way of lighting your closet ensures that your closet is lit up any time of day. Plus you can easily charge the lights or set the motion sensor.

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