20 Best iOS 16 Black Effect Wallpapers for iPhone Lock Screen

iOS 16, the latest release of Apple’s mobile operating system, offers a host of features. Although we love the personalized spatial audio. Another feature we really appreciate is the brand new lock screen. iOS 16 allows you to set the lock screen wallpaper, where the clock and background image intertwine to create a deep effect. To make the best use of it, We’ve listed some of our favorite iOS 16 deep effect wallpapers for iPhone Lock Screen.

Depth Effect Lockscreen Wallpapers for iPhone

However, Choosing an image for depth effect is a hit or miss. This works well only when there is a proper color contrast between the image subject and the background. Therefore, If you want black effect-ready wallpapers, scroll down. But first, You need to enable depth effect in iOS 16 for wallpapers to work.

How to enable Depth Effect on iOS 16 Lock Screen?

Step 1: Open the photo you want to set as the lock screen wallpaper. Click the Share button.

Step 2: now, Click on ‘Use as Wallpaper’.

Step 3: If you use a compatible image, The background image will automatically be cropped and a black effect will be applied.

Otherwise you can ‘Pinch to Crop’ and move the image closer to the clock.

Step 4: However, If you haven’t gotten the depth effect yet. Click on the three-dot icon and make sure the ‘Depth Effect’ wallpaper is selected.

Step 5: Click Done. Now select ‘Set as Wallpaper Pair’.

now, Because we know how to set a lock screen wallpaper with deep effect. Check out the wallpapers below and download them for free.

Best iOS 16 Wallpapers with Depth Effect

Here are the Depth Effect wallpapers we want to share with you.

Note– Click the download button to get these iPhone wallpapers in high quality.

1. Spaceman wallpaper

We really like this illustration of a person in a spacesuit, and it looks like they’re trying to make something out of the Earth on them. It could be a preview of what the first humans on Mars might look like. ok Let your imagination run wild as you stare at it on your iPhone lock screen. I love how cool this look is.

2. Rustic Building Lock Screen Wallpaper

with a red watch; This wallpaper sets really well on the lock screen. Although there are more construction wallpapers on this list. This style’s classic shape and depth of effect is what makes it so helpful to use, which is why it’s included on this list.

3. Lighthouse Depth Effect Background for iPhone

A glorious, towering lighthouse not only helped the ships return home safely, but also served as a great backdrop for iOS 16’s deep impact. We’re not sure how you like our jokes. You will love this wallpaper.

4. Orange and white building

At this time, With the deep impact of iOS 16, we can safely conclude that buildings are the best. So here’s another one. We set a blue clock with a classic font and love it.

5. Snow-Capped Mountain Depth Effect Wallpaper

A pink sky and beautiful snow are all you need for a beautiful iOS 16 lock screen wallpaper that instantly sets a zen vibe.

6. The highway leading to the mountains

If only AC/DC had released ‘Highway to Heaven’ instead of ‘Highway to Heaven’. It could definitely be album art. Although the probability of that is close to zero, You can definitely use it as a deep effect wallpaper for iPhone.

7. Cool yellow architecture wallpaper

Here’s another wallpaper that we really liked. Although it zoomed in a bit without revealing the entire building. We are sure you will like abstract architecture wallpapers.

8. Naruto Anime Wallpaper for iPhone

For all you anime fans out there! Here is the wallpaper at our end. Show your love for Naruto by using it as your lock screen wallpaper on iOS 16.

9. At least iOS 16 lock screen wallpaper

If you want to enjoy a deep effect and don’t want too many elements on the background image. You can choose one from this list.

10. Batman lock screen wallpaper

you’re gone A great Batman wallpaper for your iOS 16 lock screen. But I love Bruce Wayne’s good looks.

11. Spiderman wallpaper

Another superhero wallpaper that works well with the depth effect on the iOS 16 lock screen. Download now!

12. Grayscale building

We’re big fans of this wallpaper and how great it looks with a black clock against a white background.

13. Bird iOS 16 Lock Screen Wallpaper

There’s no sweeter sight than a colorful bird on your lock screen. It works very well with the depth effect.

14. Animated Batman wallpaper

Here is another Batman black effect wallpaper, But it’s more fun and cooler.

15. Hot Air Balloon Lock Screen Wallpaper

Air bubble with sharp effect makes the lock screen wallpaper look good and you can’t deny it.

16. Abstract 3D sphere

Another abstract lock screen wallpaper for iOS 16 with deep effect.

17. Desert wallpaper

The horizon of the desert blends well with the clock and creates an effect. It’s one of our favorites and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

18. Buzz Lightyear iPhone wallpaper

For all Toy Story fans! Probably the best iOS 16 depth effect wallpaper on this list if you ask us.

19. Colorful building mural

We’ve personally been using this wallpaper on our iOS 16 lock screen for quite some time, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Isn’t it beautiful?

20. Skyscraper mural

Here is a great modern skyscraper background for your iPhone. It also creates a very nice depth effect.

Enjoy the iOS 16 Depth Effect with these wallpapers.

These are our favorite iOS 16 black effect wallpapers for iPhone. We’re big fans of this feature, and sometimes we get addicted to it. However, note that this feature only works on iPhones running iOS 16 (iPhone 8 and above).

So what are you waiting for? Download them all and make the most of this feature. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this brand new lock screen in the comments below. In addition, If you haven’t bought the device yet, you can also check out these iPhone 14 wallpapers.

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