15 Best Lock Screen Widgets for Apple iPhone

Apple introduced lock screen widgets for iPhone with iOS 16 update. Widgets help you see essential information at a glance without having to unlock your phone to open an app. In addition to Apple’s collection, Many third-party app developers have removed lock screen widgets on the iPhone. Let’s check out some of the best lock screen widgets on iPhone.

Widgets are part of the lock screen customization in iOS 16. Although they aren’t as useful as home screen widgets to check app information, they are. Lock screen widgets still add a neat touch to the lock screen view updates.

How to Add Lock Screen Widgets to iPhone

Before the list is cut, Let’s show you how to find and place an app widget on the lock screen.

Step 1: Long press on your iPhone lock screen.

Step 2: Select Customize at the bottom.

Step 3: Select your lock screen and tap Widgets below the clock to open the App Widgets menu.

Step 4: Select an app and check the widgets on offer. Tap on a widget below the clock on the lock screen.

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger needs no introduction. You can add the Messenger widget to the lock screen and check all your unread chats without unlocking the phone.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is the first major cloud storage platform to receive lock screen widgets on iPhone. The company offers three widgets to choose from – Recommended Files; Search and star. The last two are small, but the Suggested Files widget takes up half the space on the lock screen.

3. Snapchat

To everyone’s surprise, Snapchat rolled out support for lock screen widgets with the release of iOS 16. Using its dedicated widget, you can open the Snapchat Camera or pin a friend or group from the iPhone lock screen.

4. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best Safari alternatives on iPhone. If you prefer Google Chrome; You will surely appreciate the new lock screen widgets. searching incognito search; Voice search and Chrome Dino game widget can be added to the lock screen. Unfortunately, A widget to access Chrome bookmarks is missing from the list.

5. Item 3

Thing 3 is the iPhone; It’s our favorite task management app on iPad and Mac. To check your daily tasks; You can add a new shortcut to quickly add a task and a list widget to track your daily progress from the lock screen.

6. Fantasy calendar

Although Fantastical Calendar goes with the subscription route. It remains the top choice for many to get through a busy day. You can add the Up Next widget, You can check the monthly view and add a quick action widget to write the next meeting.

7. RainViewer

The default Weather widgets are basically the best. Meet RainViewer, a third-party weather app that offers up to fifteen widgets on the lock screen. real-time weather radar; hourly forecast; weather warnings; You can check the air quality index and any weather information on the iPhone lock screen.

8. Soor

Soor is a neat third-party music player that works well with Apple Music. The developer offers a single music collection widget to check your favorite playlists and top songs and get streaming notifications at a glance.

9. Apollo

Apollo – a popular third-party Reddit app; iPhones have the best implementation of lock screen widgets. There are a total of nine widgets to choose from. trending posts random subreddit; recent posts comments, You can add Reddit Inbox and more to the lock screen.

10. Everyday Dictionary

You can improve your vocabulary knowledge with the Daily Dictionary app. You can use the ‘Word of the Day’ widget to display today’s word and its meaning on your iPhone lock screen.

11. Launcher

Launcher 5 takes a little time to get used to, but once you’ve set your preferences from the app, you can launch any app. sending a tweet; You can even do email writing and a Siri shortcut from the lock screen.

12. Triplet

Triplt makes it easy to plan your next summer vacation. your flight status; Hotel reservations and more can be checked from the lock screen. your gate number; You can even see the date of departure etc. at a glance. Flighty is another app to check live travel details on your iPhone.

13. Scanner live

Do you often use your iPhone to scan documents? Scanner Live’s two lock screen widgets give you one-click access to the document scanner.

14. No

Overcast is a popular podcast app on the iPhone. The developer offers three widgets on the lock screen. You can check your recent podcasts; Add an app icon to launch it quickly, and a playlist widget to jump to your favorite podcasts.

15. Fitness

The original Fitness app’s activity widget lets you check your activity throughout the day on the lock screen.

Lock Screen Widgets are very useful on iPhone.

Microsoft, Spotify Adobe and other big names are missing from the list, but the initial lock screen widgets from other developers are impressive. You can always create multiple lock screens to accommodate more widgets. What widgets do you use on your iPhone? Share them in the comments below.

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