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If you are new to PC gaming, you must know all the essential information about PC gaming. In this article, we have discussed some great tips that you must know if you are a new PC gamer.

Has the right accessories
You have spent a lot of money on your system CPU and display; just matching with the top quality gear is fair. You won’t enjoy the full experience if you play it with the usual keyboard, mouse and headphones.
It is advisable to spend some of these accessories and get a Razer gaming controller, headset and keyboard with additional functions. Don’t even think about it if you don’t play with a mouse and keyboard. The widely available Xbox Live Windows controller can still be used.

Install Steam
You are not a computer gamer until your PC has Steam downloaded. It is the online platform known for its wide range of games and its culture. It has the most extensive library, and here you can also find most PC games. All known Steam games are available from GTA V to DOTA. Now you don’t have to visit stores to buy such game CDs.
You need to buy the game now and install it on your computer. Steam has a fantastic gaming community where friends can play multiplayer games that make it even more enjoyable.

Have a comfortable environment
Even as much autonomy as you think you have, they are so addictive that you sit for hours on a computer while playing games. While it’s fun to spend exciting games on your bench, it’s also essential to be comfortable in your surroundings.
First of all, make sure that your back and hips have a comfortable chair. Then you get a desk that can be customized and adjusted to your height. Also, wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Keep your PC clean

Some people don’t care and don’t clean their PCs. It makes your PC very easy to get damaged and requires more uninstallation to fix it.
You should clean the computer regularly to make sure there is no dirt inside. You can use a blow dryer to clean the dust.

Have an account on Reddit
It’s time you jump on the bandwagon and get a Reddit account if you’re not already a Reddit consumer. In Reddit, there are many gaming communities with which you can chat about games and learn valuable tricks.
There are also alternative products to buy games on sale and buy vouchers. Closed communities like the Reddit Game Deals help you get some great deals. Don’t worry; You can still find more Reddit deals if you skip steam sales.

Refund from Steam
There are so many things that can confuse a game when a player has to buy a game online. Online gaming is a reasonable price, and it can be very frustrating when you buy a game online and suddenly find out that it is not for you.

People who bought steam machines before 2015 used to be a massive issue because they wasted their money if they didn’t like the game. However, Steam soon realized the problem and introduced a game purchase refund option, making it easier for people to test other games.
You can request a discount from Steam if you don’t like a game and buy another one. Just note that if you’ve spent more than two hours on the game or owned the game for over thirty days, it will be difficult to get a refund.

Try new things
Always try new games and don’t stick to old ones. This brings new energy while playing and you can enjoy it more. You can check the trailers of new games and try them out and know if they suit you. In new plays, women are often depicted as thin, young and beautiful. Therefore, women can use supplements to lose weight.

Check Out Mods
One of the most significant advantages of playing on a PC is to install mods and completely redo a game. It’s a privilege that many video console gamers don’t get to enjoy.
You can still search the internet for mods if you enjoyed playing a specific game and you feel sad that it is over. You can add a new storyline to your game by using these mods or adding new characters. For example, you can find the newest mods and use all the coolest features in your game when you play Fallout 4.

Sell ​​the old games
It is a tip that falls into your hands after spending a lot of time on your gaming PC. If your DVD or Blu-ray players are still preferred, this will not go wrong, because when you are done with them, you can still sell these games later.
A game may lose value over time, but some people want to buy it when it is available cheaply. Three or four of your old games can be sold, and a new one can be bought. Some people want to keep all the games collected in their drawers or bars, so selling them is not a good idea if you don’t want them to go to waste.

Have extra fan in your PC
It is advised to mount an extra cooling fan on your machine if you live in a place where the temperature remains high in summer. You get a lot of power on your CPU when you experience all the high fps games smoothly.

The harder the game you play, the better it works and the hotter the PC gets. For a PC gamer, it is essential to ensure that your machine is not overheated. If the warmer weather means your PC is overheating, you’ll need to get an extra fan just in case.
If you encounter random lags in the game, your PC may also heat up.

Never become addicted
PC games feel very enjoyable and a great time spent. You can learn great lessons and get a lot of information from a large number of games.
But as you like to play games, it must be avoided. Playing games for long hours can affect your health. You should build a game plan and comply. Never play games for too long, and use applications to track game hours and your health.

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